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  1. they are 23.5 but it's because of the lesser rake. I agree they might be '81 onward gen 2 model bars looking at the catalogue
  2. Here i have a set of two mongoose stainless bars, both with exact same dimensions, tube thickness and stamp sizes/position etc, ....yet one has a lot more rake than the other. The set with more rake is a NOS set, the other is excellent survivor, but doesn't look to have been bent they are dead straight i'm sure. any ideas or knowledge on why this? thanks
  3. 88S JAPAN GC = MARCH 1982
  4. Dibs rules. Pm for PayPal. Add postage. shimano tourney front brake and lever. Excellent condition $70 -missing the latch on the lever that holds it to the bars.
  5. hmmm...skeptical, but, could be wrong....it's just that BB area, looks to be thin chrome and missing some chips of chrome. None the less a nice frame set!
  6. haha.... all the mongoose gear i could live with selling (just) ...is gone now
  7. Dibs rules, please PM for paypal Original Mint Robinson pads. Very hard to find. Pics do the talking. These are not the reproductions seen on Porkchop BMX. Price dropped massively to $100 - add postage (I paid $180 for these years ago when they were hard to find even back then)
  8. heres a pic.... definitely original stem pad foam
  9. ^ hard to tell, the padding is black and pretty rock hard, so not all squishy like new stuff. what should the original padding look like?
  10. Dibs rules, please pm for payment paypal etc Original redline Proline Carrera vinyl pad set Excellent condition, all buttons perfect no tears, shiny and no rust. pics do the talking i guess. best set I've owned. I'd give them a high 9/10 for condition. check the last pic which shows how white they are out in natural light. they are still pretty white $300 posted
  11. Dibs rules please PM for DD or paypal Original 80's kashimax padded saddle $130 add postage small v shaped nick in the top glued down now. otherwise in v good condition as shown. Bought this off Glynn Hicks 6 months ago, no longer needed. i think it says Jan 83 or 84 cheers
  12. The fatty is the best, but won't separate them sorry
  13. Yeah maybe but there isn't even any interest... Like I've just listed some crappy junk tyres, I should be ashamed of myself haha
  14. What's the right price for yellow labels these days? I paid 250 for all these. Sold a set last year on here for 400