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  1. Good to see your still building sweet bikes Billy. Very cool....
  2. Very cool bike Daz, good luck with the sale
  3. Another great show and ride day at Newy, Great to catch up with everyone, and what a great scenic ride along the beach Thanks Daryl and co and looking forward for the next one.
  4. I'll be there.
  5. That tan Quad is a killer.......
  6. I gave your PK some love mate...... There all winners so be proud.
  7. I'm in for the Woy Woy ride as now I'm a local up here.......
  8. very cool Mickey.... Love the Baby Blue.
  9. That is just pure beauty mate. The hard work payed off as it would be one of the best Kos around. Was great to catch up again with you mate. Catch up to go for a pedal soon.
  10. Well done Billy and Mickey, it was an awesome show, it was great to catch up with everyone. Bring on 2015......
  11. I will get a extra large mate.
  12. Quicksilver is very nice. Well done Lucien...... Well done to all the bikes here. All high standards.
  13. Looks like a top day. Awesome photos.
  14. 2 Tickets please Payed PayPal as gift. Cheers