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  1. Finished it this morn, rode it to work and its first pub stop on the way home. Must say it rides sweet.
  2. Heres one im playing with. Not quite finished.
  3. yep its a pro. hard to find in black ive got the same on my ttr.
  4. Well the torker got back with his mates.adam i reckon facebookers are the new gremlins.
  5. Stop no 5 for the old girl.gettin closer to home and not a facebooker in sight.
  6. The torkers been feeling neglected since the new quicky turned up so it is off for the pub run today.
  7. Debbie does dallas........daz dont do photos. To busy riding.
  8. they are sm elevenz. closest thing i could find to the gt big bars on my helium. they are identical in height and sweep but are actually 20 mm wider than the gt,s. picking yours up thusday nite tack.
  9. Bloody oath it would. Was 30 plus people on that ride and no- one took pics? Please remember gents where you started.
  10. Same pics different name. How come at the bottom line on all these forums there is a link to every alternate forum but here? Why would i want to get on twitter from here? And what the fuck is digg? and why do i need to find it on ozbmx?
  11. Wheres all the pics? Facebook maybe?
  12. 57 mins in a "nurse" is brought in to help melvin.thats her.
  13. Dibs gav. Pm to follow.
  14. I,ll get on farcebook when you get on ya helium. Pics or its not for real either.
  15. Fair dinkum adam he,s a 7ft sook. Get on the helium ya girlie man!!!