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  1. Its the small things like Suntour Pedal screws in correct pitch !!!
  2. Here be a Mid school Mongoose . 95/ 96 . Pretty sure its an Expert Pro , Not 100 percent sure not a Goose fan . Thanks for looking
  3. Heres some quick photos from my iphone1 : )
  4. Does going to bottle shop count ? I use the drive thru for extra cool points
  5. Clayts is a three set candy rattle can .Mine is Ratrod black. : )
  6. Soo like 7 days in Jail for grinding a handrail ? Awesome , Futhermore Bolt runs at about 47 km per hour.Which also could be dangerous, so we should legislate against fast running as well. ASAP
  7. Between a Rock and a hard place. Why are helmeys so ugly. I have been on both sides of the coin. Skating, Bmx , Mountain biking snowboarding all around the world, all with or without helmets. Ive been wearing the one Protec Since about 1992. My issue is why are they so bulky/ and or just palin ugly . And I am just as concerned with low speed concussion which need a soft foam , and the helmets with points at the back what happens if you fall off backwards. With all the Tech available now days surly we could have a slimmer design with better ventilation etc. Ok thats my rant . I feel better now.
  8. Wow great work Lixy . I saw this bike at Pushies but had no idea how much effort you put in. Your fingers must be worn away to nubs with all that sanding and filing. lol
  9. That bike is killer build so many great parts down to the steel stem inner tubes. Not a fan of the funky seat position though.
  10. RAD ..Any idea how many were sold in oz ?
  11. Price drop $ 20.00 or 6 pack of Canadian Club
  12. I was going to build a fake cruiser from this Diamond Back Mountain bike (no wheels/bars). Full Chromemoly frame no issues .Im keeping wheels and bars everything else included. Decided to save up for a Om flyer. Good looking setup Shoiuld handle great . $40.00 Pick up only Palm Beach Goldcoast. Dibbitt . Thanks for looking
  13. Ford flathead by a mile!!
  14. Not sure did anyone say white . A few MTB companies have reissued white.