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  1. Frame would be 83 to 84 because of the rear drop outs as that was the first frames to be made from cromo tubing witch was originaly sourced from tange in Japan. The stickers are are later 85 model. Hope this helps
  2. There all old school Hencebmx . They have been made in the same old jig,In the same old shed ,By the same old dude.
  3. Frame with Square tube has been made the same as my Brothers 2 race bike just in a cruiser size.
  4. Hi Jimbo Thanks for the plug about Dad remaking the 24" cruiser frames again . Interesting to know that Scott claims to be the 1 behind the reissue . If any body is interested in purchasing a frame and fork set I can be contacted on 0408 076 507. Thanks Mark Stevens
  5. Ive had a few people asking about the frame on ebay and what size it is. The frame for sale is a standard size frame not a full size frame as noted on ebay EG Full size meaning Pro . The wording has coffussed people and that is why ive been getting calls and mssgs about the frame . The Broucher that Valcano has posted shows the Pro frame in Cromo which is wright for the time frame of the broucher .The Alloy Pro frames were stopped in favor for the Cromo Pro frames so thats why they are on the broucher. I also i sent mssg to the seller on ebay letting him know that it was a standard size frame not a full size so he could let the buyers know what they were bidding on which i thought was a good idea at the time ,But with the response i got i should of just let it go .By the looks of it i was trying to do the same thing as what the original poster had done on the previous thread and just got straight up attitude about it. Been also mensioned about personal attacts to the seller on this site ,How personal do you want to go when you have to bring in someones partner just because he pointed out about the size of a frame . Out of all the people that have comented about the 2 threads about the sale of the frame and what size it is only 1 person got it wright and hes the 1 that got S*&t canned about it. If any body ever finds any more Alloy frame for sale and are unshore as to what size they heres a quick way to tell the difference from standard to a pro frame is , The brake bridge on the standard and Mini frame are a flat and triangle shape and ajustable brake slot. Pro frames just hast a round peice of tube with a single hole. Mark
  6. Nice plate but i would of thought that since it had been put up for sale on this page it would off gone to the first guy that put dibs up.
  7. Thanks Chris for letting everybody know what happened. As Chris said i dont remember a thing .The last thing i remember was going to the gate then the next thing i know im being woken up in hospitial.all i can say is that im saw all over and have stiches in my bottom lip from were my jaw went threw it . I must thank my friends at the track that looked after me there and in hospitial and also to thank the Nerang BMX club for what the did for me at the track.I will go to Cairns for the state titles but i dont thinck i will put it all on the line as i dont need this to happen again.Biggest problem will be trying to give BMX up as ive been envolved since i was 5 years old . I dont think i will stop but i will slow it down. Thanks Mark
  8. Sorry mate just seen it i will call you next week. Mark
  9. Its od as he stopped stamping when he was doing the alloy frames so he has no explanation for it. Mark
  10. Hi fsx Dad has no idea what the stamping would be as he doesnt remember ever stamping any forks . Thanks Mark
  11. Thanks paineful The bike is all yours. I wish Dad still had it a bit more and started making some more frames . 1 Day he will . Mark
  12. Thanks Chris for posting the Photos. I will send you the rest when the bike is finshed. Thanks for the offer on posting the photos. Mark
  13. Hi guys need some help on loading photos to the site ,For some reason it wont allow me to do it . Ive just started a build which will be a old is new style of build . The frame Dad started 18 years ago but never finished so ive got him to finally finish it .The front end of the frame was made but he never put the back half on until only a couple of mnths ago . So any help will be great even if i have to email the photos to some 1 else so they can host them for me . Thanks Mark
  14. Yeh its still aorund ,Gus has it know but has been rebuilt and is painted Black . Very nice looking bike it turned out. Mark
  15. Ive got the serial no from jay just waiting to see Dad to find out when it was . 81/82 is about wright . Mark