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    this is one of those frames where the guy building it as a master on one friday arvo didn't get to finish it and came back after a full on weekend hungover and finished it off as a sport
  2. Those cranks look like Campy Strada's to me with the size of the BCD and the shape of the arms...
  3. It dz nt matta wat u sez torquerman, dey wil do wot dey lyk I would also like to know what the frame is in question?
  4. ...and the old thread reviver goes too... Hahaha you like to did up old threads dont you Bomat I had a set of these on my dragster mx bike bitd although I swapped them out with some mushroom grips later Great info though Bomat keep up the good work
  5. hmmm those forks look familiar
  6. Best wishes for a speedy recovery mate, just glad he is out of surgery and ok
  7. $500 maybe? but its only worth something to a person with a mongoose with a MX11 stem
  8. ..

    yeah but the point I was trying to make is that something is only worth something to the owner and its value is only what someone is willing to pay for it no mater how rare it is, if you love your frame then its worth heaps to you, but when you go to sell it its only worth anything to the right person...
  9. ..

    when I broke my Pk back in the day I just welded it up but I broke it agian a few years later, then when I sold it to my mate he paid more than I did and it was broken lol
  10. Well PK's aren't rare as they still make them today unlike your frame but there are some exceptions, we will skip the JU6, Floval, Ripper, BDIII & STR-1 (later the Quadangle) and go to the PK, afaik most of the history of SE is kinda cloudy from chats with Scot and other early SE collectors via email etc so you can take any of this with a grain of salt if you like , first off non serial looptail ones are more rare than one with serial as these were ether factory riders bikes or before the serial no's were being applied, I learned that they didn't make the first PK Ripper until '79, and they didn't start putting serial numbers on the PK's until 1980 that's how you know if a PK is a '79 because it won't have a serial number on it, low serial no's seem to be more desirable than the later ones even though it is just a serial number, but getting one with lower serial means that you can be assured that your frame is early eighties rather than '84ish, then there is oddities like the round tube and big gusset frames that were made because some say the suppliers of the floval tubing couldn't keep up with Scots demand and so they came about almost like freaks but still rare and desirable, then there was special stuff like tribute frames like the FMF (diamond shape) dropout ones, which they supposedly only 5 made in '79 according to Scot but only 3 are known to still exist, after the loopy they brought out the '85 straight chainstay model which they only made for one year (this was also the year that Perry Kramer left SE) which kinda makes it rare in its own right as there isnt too many of them around, and in 86 they bent the chainstay to give the crank arms more clearance, and from 86 up to 99 the changes were subtle but improving strength, lenght and updating for different brakes etc up until they stopped making them in the US, as with most bikes of this time the forks, pads stickers, clothes etc that were used with the PK frames tell their own story...
  11. That first pic has def been photochopped...
  12. I rode my candy red loopy to high school, gold Maxy cross cranks, DC 890's, sunshine sealed hubs, araya 7X etc... there was only two people in town with PK's back then (probably still only two in town now lol) so I didn't have to lock it up, but quite often I came back to the racks after school and it was in a different spot lol, everyone worshiped it or feared it or something as it was never damaged or anything... just joy rides I guess
  13. upto 85 13/16 or 20.6mm then they went to 7/8 or 22.2mm and the new school ones like the retro use a 27.2mm