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  1. The brace on the SST command post is not flush with the tube... That there is a GT seat post from the 90's
  2. Andrew is an awesome guy, must take after his dad then!!! Agreed!!!... Clean shave!!!! and looks fast too
  3. These makes it for me
  4. Very Nice, I hope I get to see my self like this one day!!!!
  5. Great Stuff Guys!!!... Many beautiful bikes on display and seemed like you had a blast!!! Very well done Roberto!!! , and thank you all for sharing the photos
  6. Man!!!... I so wish I was there right now!!!
  7. Yes sir!!!, one of one.... And now upgraded!!! Sorry guys, I couldn't resist Still, we need to have the Skyway Cruiser close to the very top on the list.
  8. That was not me BUT I do wear Haro Leathers at night.... my wife says they are sexy!!!!
  9. I honestly feel the term "Era Correct" applies to not using parts that were issued into the market after the year of your frame set... Is completely acceptable to have 82 parts in a 84 build since they were available at that particular time... No? In a separate note, I came across this photo of the same bike I mentioned above (This one is from a few months before my friend upgraded it with the Stu bars the MX 1000's, Redline Cranks and DX pedals, which later were replaced with Grafight-X's)... Sorry about the drawings in the face, but I remember we were trying to put a mask... Kiddie stuff (Ah!!!, please note the use we gave to the stem pads BITD)
  10. Mehhh... These are long gone bud...
  11. Thanks for all the replies guys... And I apologize for somehow abducting the thread, is just that sometimes we blow things out of proportion unnecessarily.... Still, this site is the most mellow BMX forum world wide!!! Again I honestly think, we should focus more on building bikes the way we like and not killing ourselves researching every single manufacturer in magazines just to make sure is right.... and I'll give you a perfect example: Late 1983... This bike is a replica of what it was considered "The Best" all around bicycle in Bogota Colombia (Please have into consideration we were WAY behind compared to US), it belonged to my friend and close neighbor Carlos Gutierrez, "He Was My Hero", I swear I have never seen "Anyone" do street riding the way he could (He had our town's Bunny Hop record at 41", which was his brother's bike at handlebar height, not bad for a 14 year old BIDT)... If you had seen just the landing at the other side of the bike, you would have assumed he had just dropped from a side walk.... SUPER SMOOTH!!! Now Look at the parts on this bike, I can guarantee to any of you, If you were to see it at a gathering these days, you wont stop to look at it (Or maybe you would to criticize)... BUT They were in fact our Favorite parts back then... And believe me, WE WERE ANNAL ABOUT OUR BIKES! A few months after, he was killing all of us when he got his PK Ripper frame set, and his bike looked like the one bellow, pretty much the same parts (BUT this exact same bike is, and will always be, my Favorite bike in the whole word!!!... Which is even ironic comparing it to any of the bikes I have been building these past couple of years)....
  12. I'm even afraid to type these following words, but is a permanent fight here in the US as well, so here it goes ( ) .... During the past 4 years I have had the humbling privilege to own well over 300 bikes (Most of which have been parted out for many different reasons... More than likely being annal one of them???)... I also experienced the gratifying sensation of a warehouse full of every single frame set, bolt and bit to build any bike ever made in nine different ways (Sorry if this sounds a bit cocky is not the intent) and after a few years of "goofing" around, after helping and being helped with many builds, after making many friends in all sides of the BMX spectrum and around the world, I came to realize the only TRUE standard to Judge a bike is the "Era correctness" Scenario.... And NEVER EVER, no matter where you go, you will be able to please the crowd (I don't care if is a crowd of 5 or 500) and this applies to all bikes... no matter what you build (I have seen shows won with 94% of the voting ballot and still some moaning was heard for a few "months" after I know many people out there is happy with original parts, but this doesn't necessarily mean they have to be dug out of the local Craig's list/Salvation army/garage sale or the bike junk yard... There are beautiful examples in this thread for under 2K, but The fact that someone may have the ability to afford NOS mint parts or the "nasty expensive/forbidden" exotics (No matter at what cost) does not make it a bad builder or a bad build.... and in my eyes, for personal preference, all the contrary!!!... Is this kind of build better than a SURVIVOR or a fairly economical build??? NO, NOT AT ALL!!! but it doesn't make it less either... Sadly, I know of many collectors that stick to the inexpensive builds and the "originality/purity" concept for all the wrong reasons (which honestly comes to be $$$ in most cases, and don't take me wrong here, is perfectly all right not to be throwing your hard earned money away on BMX)... BUT, with that said, many people around our hobby keeps bashing and undermining others because of their taste of restoring (Namely POLISHING and Triple Chroming), or for spending excessive amounts on 1st generation/prototype/one of one/etc parts... So I ask, so what???... If someone is happy with a tube of elbow grease and a can of rust remover, why somebody else cant be happy with mothers polishing compound and 1K chrome jobs???.... You cannot seriously tell me the so called by many "Beauty Queens" look bad, you cannot possibly tell me that spending a small fortune and hundreds of hours restoring a part to perfection has no merit... NO WAY!!! In my humble opinion, our hobby, like it or not, is following rapidly the same steps of the vehicle collecting scene... You can see your true originals and also the perfectly restored, and if you have ever witness a high ticket auction up close, you would be left scratching your head in disbelief comparing the final value between one and the other... (I had a friend form Germany stayed at my house for a couple days, he made his trip exclusively to hunt down the inside of an ashtray for his car.... and he paid $ 2,800 for it)... I LOVE SURVIVORS!!!, AND I LOVE NOS... I LOVE TO POLISH ALL MY CRAPOOLA UNTIL MY NAILS CHATTER!!!!... But you will never catch me talking bad about your effort or your taste, and that my friends is NOT Being annal!!!
  13. Sorry for the extra Advertising
  14. I know they are wide (Because I didnt like the 24 1/2" of the originals for the new geometry), but the rise and sweeps are the same as the Jr Minis from back in the day. With Kyal in it, looks like a Mini Cruiser
  15. S W E E T ! ! ! !