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  1. Looks like an awesome day. Shame I couldn't make it, family member was rushed to hospital and I was left babysitting. Gives me more time to finish off my Skyway the way I want it.
  2. It's bloody beautiful Chris! I had the same rims on my commenwhore
  3. I think the Rheem Coppermatic is the best looking out of the old school hotties
  4. I wish they were around when i was 13. Buying condoms would have been much less awkward.
  5. My new ride
  6. Nrl

    I saw a meme this morning with a photo of Bear Grylls necknominating Todd Carney
  7. Nrl

    I don't get what all the fuss is about. I've had many nights out where my mates and I have done some stupid shit, but none of us have been fired because of it. What so many people forget is that sports stars give up so much of their life to play sport that they miss out on those years of experimenting and growing up. The dude pissed in his own mouth at a urinal, it might be horribly wrong but it's not illegal
  8. What's a DVD?
  9. The new Transformers. Same movie just different characters. Pretty long so I would recommend downloading over the cinemas
  10. First i came for info on building, then to buy, then to sell, now because once you have seen all the porn on the internet you get bored.
  11. A guy i know did his car. Looked ok a night but was terrible in the light of day.
  12. Thurston is a grub! Go the Blues!
  13. This has the same down tubes
  14. The Top frame looks kind of like my futura
  15. I think a Johnny Chopper tribute is like Chopping off your Johnny. You can have work done to make you look like something else but when It comes down to it everybody still can tell you're a man. But I don't think just because you were born man it should mean you shouldn't be allowed to wear be same dresses as the other girls. After all if you're dumb enough for buying something you think is something else, it's your fault for not doing your research.