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Found 11 results

  1. The second 1984 Raleigh Magnum I purchased in 2016. This one was the rougher of the two. Original seat, seat post, seat post clamp and head stem. New decals, paint and a few other bits including some old school IRC comp 3 tyres.
  2. ok the story go's no more buying bikes or frame n forks , until this popped up , showed the mrs and the reply was go get it then , as it was pretty close to me and that doesn't happen over here in WA too often . Nice condition Pro , been re-finished and came with a set of bars and a post non Curtis items . The plan was just chrome , but iv'e been told no I want black and chrome so there it is i have my orders ............ So , yep that's a new headset been gathering dust , and yep new H stem that will get the blue stripped and polished , will use the crank as she likes the look of it but strip the blue cups and polish those as well . The bars , not keen on those so maybe Mongoose Pro's as trying to find another set of Curtis Pro's might be a bit hard . Wheels have been sorted , nice set of black rims with chrome hubs , can't wait to see those myself . That's about it for now ..............
  3. I recently purchased two of these frame sets plus a few parts. A relatively low end frame from 1984. Merida made. Not quite the quality that Mongoose were getting but a nice looking frame nonetheless. 20" top tube seems quite long for the old-school era, flat brake bridge and no guard tabs had me hooked. This one is the slightly cleaner of the two, and this one I have the before shots of. A couple of weeks of prep and paint - did a few frames at the same time - it was ready to build. I had a few parts set aside for something like this, so built up using period parts. The original seat went back on as well. I needed to re-create the decals. These Australian Raleigh Magnum's are few and far between.
  4. A rough frame fork bars and seat was all I had to start with. Pretty happy with where it ended up. Needed to recreate the decals for this one.
  5. G'day peeps, was lucky enough to snag this off here last week! Arrived today, so I started a test build to see if I were happy with the direction I had in mind for her, needless to say I'm wrapped! Here's a cpl pics, I'll update the parts list as I upgrade etc, shout out to shane 'raddog' for the prompt postage and bombproof wrapping! Cheers brother! Pics Pics Pics
  6. Hi there, I picked up a gray super viper a while back and decided to build it. The sticker are pretty worn but I can see it says super viper and it kinda resembles the gray turbo Harry Leary rode because of the stickers but mine is a looptail. Anyway serial says F410XXXXX and I was wondering if this is just a super viper or gray turbo. Is the one I have rare? Any info appreciated. Thanks Mondo :icon_wave:
  7. So I decided to build up a Hutch. It is a bike that I have always wanted, since I was a child. 1984 Hutch Pro Raider Frame and Original Fork, Picked up a nice head stem and some NL pedals Original Headset, Hutch Seat Clamp, Araya 7x rims laced on Sunshine Hubs w/ Shimano Freewheel. more to come
  8. So I thought I would post up a build on my 1984 Diamond Back Turbo Lite. It has already been underway for a few months as I have been collecting up parts as I can get them. Frame and forks are in good original condition with no dents or re-welds. Once I get all of the missing parts together it will go for a respray. I am still missing Brakes: AC800MX chrome plated (Dia-Compe) Levers: Tech III (Dia-Compe) Pedals: XC-II (Suntour) and of course ..... the holy grail hubs... https://lh5.googleus...BkKUcjdrh8APw50 https://lh5.googleus...gUhO1-X1S69BpBw I was over the moon to pick up this bottom bracket complete with turbo caps https://lh3.googleus...Bg8ZDx6GxPij0T8 Won a sprocket on flee bay. Still have to find sprocket fasteners https://lh3.googleus...Os2njyI4zvL3K8A The turbo lite stem needs a bit of work https://lh5.googleus...EII0Icyc_9MMLGE https://lh4.googleus...geJPQglNdYfux04 Picked up some bars with grips today https://lh6.googleus...c8x4Cq2ucnHPV6c https://lh4.googleus...vbZ6jAkSz7ZjpF0
  9. Hi guys A couple of months back, I came across a photo of a KZ-1 restored which reminded me of my older brother's bike back in the 80's. He bought it off some kid for $50 or so back then...and yes, he still has the frame stored away to do up when he gets back from living in the UK! Re-inspired and with an interest regained in old school BMX, I started Googling and WHAM - I had no idea how huge the community is and the interest in the older (and best!) BMX bikes from back then. Just picked myself up a chrome Kuwahara Laserlite KZ-84 (or so my research tells me) and some other bits of kit from some old guy and I am massively keen to do it up. It also came with a pair of OGK Tuffs (in great condition) and shimano DX breaks. When I work out how to post some pics - i will!! Can anyone help with where to buy the pieces I'll need to make her sweet and ride again? I'm in Perth, but of course the net is also an option - any good websites and recommended sellers? I know things like Elina seats are friggin expensive (WTF is with that?) - any tips on where to get them (in blue)? I also need some cranks, chain, tyres (blue), grips (Kuwa lightening bolt in blue if possible), kuwa pads (blue), pedals (blue) kkt's. Ok, so most things in BLUE! Hope I haven't doubled up on info requests too much. Appreciate the help!! Cheers all Bombus
  10. Decided I want to fix up my old Diamond Back Viper I had it as a kid and finally decided to start looking at restoring it. I dont plan on selling it but just curios what its value might be (or if anyone sees anything of value currently on the bike). I think its mostly original parts I have both rims (ones pictured). I wanted to get photos now before I did anything to it so I would have some type of before and after. I believe its an 84 (serial number F4) Any feedback, information, tips, or how I should restore it is appreciated. Obviously it needs some cleaning up. Thanks