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Found 7 results

  1. Does anyone know what bike this is.Been stored for 20 years plus on bottom code starts with letter "t"
  2. Hi Guys, I apologise in advance for the limited information and may need to provide more as it comes. I am in the process of sourcing a Crisp Junior (frame/fork set only) which I plan to build for my daughter. Once I have it, I will be able to provide more details and am aware that I may not be able to get much assistance until such time as I actually have the frame in my possession. In the interim, my intention is to start building a parts list, so that I can start sourcing them when I can get them at a good price. Any help from those who know what I am trying to build, especially those who either raced in Queensland in the 80s or had kids who raced in QLD in the 80s would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to build a bike that was similar to what was raced back in the mid to late 80s when I raced. I raced a Crisp, but I was about 10 when I started racing whereas my daughter is 2 this Sunday. Now as this bike is for my daughter I am looking to buy items that are new or never used, so am happy to be flexible for something that looks the part, even if not the same brand, etc. I would prefer the same brand were possible. Pedals - Most likely like bear trap pedals - does anyone remember the ones that had the cage on the front and back, but not on the side? Grips - Ame (these will be easy enough) Seat - the tiny white ones that almost all kids used Cranks - Unsure what I used, maybe Shimano Wheels/Rims - Ours were super skinny. My cousin raced for SLA and he had the webbed tubeless tyres and his rims had like an soft arrow shape. Handle bars - the super low bars Sorry for the average description. I have attached a pic (number 55) to give you a bit of an idea of what I am trying to make. Any technical information such as brands, sizes, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Matt Another pic to give you an idea. Thanks, Matt
  3. It has been a busy 2-3 years getting back in to my first love BMX and a bike that is very dear to my heart was the bike that I raced back in the 80's that for me was perfect. Super light, responsive and damn fast. This was my 1983 Diamondback Formula 1, fitted with a set of ukia 1 1/8 rims and comp 3's it was a lightening fast bike and I did well throughout Victoria in the Gippsland plate series and some interstate events to: As you can see from the pic below it has my Gippsland plate championship plate on it that I won on my Formula 1. So below is the exact relics down to rims, tyres and even black chainring. I look at this bike and the good memories come floating back. This is now my favourite out of my collection and with good reason. Post up some pics of your race bike or replica race bike from BITD, I would love to see them and hear your stories.
  4. What is it about early BMX and street art that goes together so well? I needed to take some pics of my bikes and was looking for an interesting location, when I came across some fairly impressive local Graf. There's been a bikes thread, and a Graf thread, but I thought I'ld start a bikes and Graf thread. So post up some pics of your bike with some of the local talent (street art) and give them both some exposure. I'll start. Couple of pics, MX II in Melbourne.
  5. Hey all! After many requests to join the party at OzBMX, we decided to sign up and jump in. If you're in the Greensborough area, you should drop in to see our "new" range of retro BMX bikes at 167 Para road. Cycle House is a Skyway and SE Bikes dealer, and recently we have built a few up for sale in the store. As well as stocking the factory re-issue bikes like the classic SE Quadangle and a few PK Rippers, we have also done a number of cool custom builds. If you're looking to recapture the golden days of 80's BMX, we can help you build your dream bike that you never got a chance to have, or an old favorite your rode the wheels off. Gum wall tyres, frame pads, number plates, chrome one piece cranks and colored Tuffs are just a few of the custom choices. We also have collection of Jordy's 80's BMX's here on display for some inspiration.
  6. Ok Guys So What Kinda Of Guy Are You? I'm A HUTCH Guy That Means That HUTCH Is My Fav Out Of All The Brands Out There, I Also Have Other Brands That I Love But HUTCH Gets MY BLOOD Pumping Good!!!! So Let's Do This, Post What Kinda Guy You Are Only One Choice Guys, Also I Hope Not To See 200 Views And 2 Replies LOL! There Is No Reason Why You Can't Post You Number One Brand. I'll Start>
  7. Ok, Guys Post You Top Fav' BMX Videos On This Thread, They Could Be Old Or New School!!!! Let's Start!