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Found 12 results

  1. Had this HLT for a long time now and just wanted to post it in a 'survivor state' in case i start work on it and forget to. Everything is correct as far as i can tell except for, rims, tires, grips, missing front brake, padset. Let me know if you spot anything else (not 100% sure about the seat post, its a twin flute, chromed alloy which seems appropriate) I have a set of correct rims (1.5 chrome arayas) in v.bad condition that i might restore one day, currently has Ukai chromes. I'll keep looking for the B1B's and front brake. More images to come Thanks.
  2. I was going to build a fake cruiser from this Diamond Back Mountain bike (no wheels/bars). Full Chromemoly frame no issues .Im keeping wheels and bars everything else included. Decided to save up for a Om flyer. Good looking setup Shoiuld handle great . $40.00 Pick up only Palm Beach Goldcoast. Dibbitt . Thanks for looking
  3. Dibs Rules, Speedy payment required please and thankyou. Paypal preferred as family/friend (yes i am trustworthy) but can do DD. PM contact for payment details. Postage included in sale price from WA. 1.) Diamond Back Sugino HLT Stem. In outstanding condition, polished for show. No hammer marks, gouges or cracks. This is the best non chromed turbo stem i've seen. Some extremely small scratches are around but not that noticeable. Stem shaft has peel, but been coated to prevent further rusting. $240 posted. 2.) Araya 7X rims with Low Flange Suzue hubs. In seriously good condition for age, shows minimal brake rub, both rims spin 98% straight with no hops. Looseball Suzue L/F hubs stamped OF (June 1980), still spin smooth. Some minor scratches here and there but overall a nice set of rims. I had them on a show build, they present that well. $260 posted. 3.) Redline Flight 'Bubble Font' Chain Ring 46T. Highly sought after bubble font Redline Flight 401 Chain Ring 46T. In very good condition for age, hasn't seen much use. Teeth are still ace with nearly no wear. Suited for the 19mm spindle. Been lightly polished, still shows minor scratches and some pitting. Will polish up for show very well. $140 posted. 4.) Mitsuboshi Comp 3 'grey label' 20 x 1.75 set. These have NEVER been ridden, but shuffled about on a couple of show builds. Perfect tread. super soft. no cracks or rot. These are great tires, could do with a little wipe over to get some scuffs and dirt off. $100 posted. 5.) Suntour XC-II pedals 9/16. Nice set of sought after Suntour pedals. Have after market custom cages. Lightly polished, some small scratches here and there. Pedal spindles are nice and they spin smooth. Great for a rider, or if you're not fussed get the cages reannoed and put them on your show build. $120 posted.
  4. Hey all, up for grabs is this db hotstreak, cash on pick up preffered melb west, but willing to post at buyers cost, direct deposit no paypal, no dents, cracks or repairs, stickers lifting in some corners as per pics, cpl sml marks and nicks, (no barrys) Parts list: f/f bars db hotstreak 85. Cranks: sr cr-mo tubular w/ skyway turbodisk 44t Pedals: oddysey turbo trap Stem: acs freestyle Wheels: skyway sealed bearing Brakes: random as per pics Seat: viscount dominator (nos) Grips: ame Seat clamp: oddysey Post: random as per pics Duro tyres or similar? Dicta freewheel? I'm asking $700. If no interest I'll part it out, starting with frame fork bars. Any questions etc fire away... Rides awsome!!! Needs a wash!
  5. Finally got a DB Turbo Lite together for my son and it was the first outing today. I think a few more practice runs and he will be away. The bike is all original except for the pedals which I removed and replaced while he is learning. Has anyone else built up an old school racer for their kids
  6. Well, I have finally had a chance to get on and say G'day I joined this forum to meet like minded people and learn as much as possible to help with my father and son project- Restoring Old School BMX's... I live in the Redlands Council in Brisbane, and have not ridden a bmx since I was in Uni, 24 years ago... With 3 boys growing up behind a bmx track , it was only a matter of time before I would start a project with them and start restoring bmx's... I have got a few bikes on the go, with 2 potential old school bikes I would ride myself... I am still looking for quality bikes to do up, so if you have something that is pre 1990 (preferrrably pre 1980) that you have not time to do up, then please let me know... Cash paid, no matter what condition the bike is... I rode a green Madison in the day and would love another... I was never able to afford a Redline, Mongoose, Diamond Back, Hutch, PK Ripper, Moosegoose or Kuwahara so I would love to get my hands on some of those. Glockster and Ant have already helped me with a mongoose Expert & Unkown Twin Tube Freestyler... So thanks guys, you are both great people... Love to meet up on the next months Ride in Brisbane or Gold Coast. My boys are keen to come along too and show off their new rides when they are built. Cheers all, John
  7. Greetings people. I have a rekindled love for BMX which started way back when they first arrived on the UK market. My mates back then were all buying Raleigh Burners which were the most popular BMX bikes at the time and I too ordered one from my mums catalogue for my 11th birthday back in 81. However it never arrived in time which ended up to be a good thing. My uncle lived in California and sent me a BMX magazine for my birthday and that it where I saw her for the first time. A real BMX from America. A Diamond Back Silver Streak. Back then that was about the best thing I had ever cast my eyes on, apart from Daisy Duke and Wonder Woman perhaps. I never dreamed I could ever get to own a DB but god bless my dad for finding me one in a store across town that had begun to import DB and Mongoose BMX from the states. I have the original receipt somewhere and at the time Raleigh Burners were around 80 quid and the DB was 235 quid so a huge upgrade. Luckily, as it turns out, I was pretty rubbish at BMX ing so the bike today is still in pretty good condition. I have the original peddles, saddle and even 2 out of the 3 pads. I think its about time someone else enjoyed this bike as much as I did so I am keen to sell it to the right person for the right price. Any suggestions on value and where best to advertise. Regards. Tim.
  8. I've been looking at buying a bike from the year I was born to celebrate my 30th and came across a Diamond Back F1 on the museum. I don't really know anything about Diamond backs other than when I was younger I bought a Midschool Venom for £3.50 off a mate. Is the F1 worth the effort of shipping over from the states and building up as its only a frame and forks at the moment? Thanks guys.
  9. After stumbling on to this site recently I have made the effort to dig out my old Silver Streak that I had from new in the early 80's. It's been through some tough times and has had lots of use, it's been tossed aside like "Woody" from Toy Story but now it's crying out for some love:) For the last 15 years or so it has been stored in a loft and to be honest I thought it was going to be in better condition than it currently looks but I'm hoping it will shine once more like it did nearly 30 years ago!
  11. Hello all, just a young bmx rider, interested in being a part of a larger community..... I currently own about 10 bmx and bikes including - se bronco 2009 (skymay mk2 tuffs, dia compe mx brake levers and calapers) - Haro shredder ( back sskyway tuff, 1 front blue anodised arraya rim, fusion headsteam & seat clamp) - Haro cosmo ( all original) - Diamond back grind (all original). - Repco (dont know what it is.... will upload maybe). - A-Pro bmx (skyways) I am just wanting to learn about some of my parts and probably get rid of my other ones...... Btw i am in Melbourne Looking forward to seeing your replies..