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Found 10 results

  1. I have a nice white Elina Flyte Tech seat, still has some original lettering and stencil left. I am building a Redline ST20 600b and need a black in similar condition, happy to swap or purchase one outright.
  2. Hey guys, Looking to swap an excellent, mint condition 81 Elina Aero Turbo for same condition plain black or red Elina, may consider black or red Kashimax MX. Located in Melbourne cheers
  3. Dibs Rules, Speedy payment required please and thankyou. Paypal preferred as family/friend (yes i am trustworthy) but can do DD. PM contact for payment details. Postage included in sale price from WA. 1.) Diamond Back Seat Clamp Show polished, in good nick, clamps tight. Used on show build only. $60 posted. 2.) Elina UltaLite Seat and Post. Was NOS, show build only. 13/16 post size, comes with shim for 22.2 seat post. Some small superficial scratches here and there from storage, that were present when i brought it, thought it worth mentioning. Nice deep RED colour, hard to find these days. $90 posted. 3.) Uni Hammerhead Seat and Post. Rare Uni 'hammerhead' Seat and post. From around 1983. Used condition but still quite clean. Has some staining from age and scratches here and there. Front has a bit of awarp to the right, no biggy just worth a mention. Hard to find, has new decal and comes with shim for 22.2 seat post. You could probably easily dye this a darker colour. $90 posted.
  4. Long time no post stuff for sell, unload some stuff for new project funding. NOS BLACK ELINA seat, original packing, never install, 83 marked. AUD$520/shipped Restored Blue Shimano DX pedals, 9/16 for 3 pcs cranks. All original, except the caps, all pins apply, repacked & spin smooth AUD$330/set shipped Restored Black Shimano DX pedals, 9/16 for 3 pcs cranks New spindle from VP pedals, spindle & caps not original, all pins apply, couple pins replaced, repacked & spin nice AUD$295/set shipped Restored Shimano DX cranks, repaint as black with polished chainwheel. All parts original, no damage or repair, the plastic spacer cracked, pic show. AUD$1299/full set shipped Rechrome Redline single pinch full warp 401 cranks arms. 180mm No repair or damage, all thread nice, only the rechrome job not show quality. AUD$400/shipped PM with any questions or more pic, DIBS win pm. Dibs and paypal to within 24 hours, or move to 2nd Dibs Cheers
  5. Hey all. Im looking for a Black Elina Seat, early 80's era, I have a Blue Elina to swap. Cheers
  6. A Bit To Go DD Preferred , Pay pal ok but you pay the fees. Dibs Then PM for details. All Items include postage within Australia. If you feel I’m off on prices I’m open to offers via pm. Kuwahara KZ1 with Tange forks Og chrome, No cracks or re-welds etc. There are a few small dents to the rear of the forks though. $540 Posted. 81 Elina well used/loved, scatches ,scapes no cracks. $130 Posted. Yellow OGK's, Excellent original condition, No cracks $180 Posted. More To Come Gold Ukai 20 x 1.75 HE Rear has Suntour Hub Front has Suze. Rims are in Beautiful original condition. $250 Posted. and More.
  7. A Few items To Shift. DD Preferred , Pay pal ok but you pay the fees. Dibs Then PM for details. All Items include postage within Australia. If you feel I’m off on prices I’m open to offers via pm. Ok 1st on the chopping block.... Redline Brute in excellent original condition. few minor scrapes on the side but no dents etc. $210
  8. Ok thought id give this one more try before i reluctanty consider parting it out DD Preferred , Pay pal ok but you pay the fees. Dibs Then PM for details. If you feel I’m off on price I’m open to offers via pm. 82 Kuwahara 24" Cruiser. Parts list as follows. Powdered Black F/F No cracks, dents, re-welds etc. Seat: Elina L/B Wheels: Araya 24" With L/F Suze hubs, Spin Nice and Straight but could do with a grease & Repack Tyres: Comp 3 Rainbows. ( Rears sidewalls is fraying in spots) Stem : Suntour Nos Before fitted. Bars: Nitto Cruiser bars. Seat Clamp : Suntour. Grips: Tange. Cranks: Tagaki MX With Sugino Chain Ring and Sugino Power Disc. Brakes: DC Leaver / Copy Caliper. Looking For $1750 + Post.... Thanks for looking
  9. dibs wins followed by pm, dibs wins over pending pms, feel free to make an offer prices will not include post, but will post for what it costs me. some of you would have seen it at the st killed swap, i have had it for a small while now and built it up out of some pretty rare survivor parts, some of these parts never ever or very rarely come up so here your chance if you need something for a survivor build your working on. all parts are very good survivor condition here goes 1 zeronine superflow plate with numbers $240 posted without numbers $200 posted missing 1 number pin 2 âme unitrons black and red $230 posted when was the last time these come up 3 trick tops gold valve caps $25 posted 4 gt 80s circle stamp straight seat post $50 posted 5 tange lock nut $10 posted 6 rl20 11 fork pegs $90 posted, will polish up great 7 og survivor ghp padset $180 posted 8 red tange seat post clamp $65 posted 9 gt lay back seat post circle stamp $90 posted 10 1980 elina seat $140 posted 11 skyway finned pads black and red $80 posted 12 suntour xc 11 9/16 pedals $230 posted rare black body silver cages awesome pedals 13 sugino chainring bolts $50 posted 14 tuf nek 45t chainring $50 posted 15 izumi survivor chain $40 posted 16 12/81 dia compe mx1000 red, red cable, red dx rh lever $150 posted 17 pro neck stem $160 posted 18 gt pro bars uncut $160 posted 19 tange headset $100 posted keep in mind this is to suit around 3cm steerer tube 20 araya 7x with suzue high flanges and go knurlier knobby tyres $260 plus shipping 21 great condition saunter 16t freewheel $50 posted 22 1984 ghp pro long, nice go condition new stickers $450 posted PROFILE 1ST GEN CRANKS PENDING 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 more pics loading now
  10. Righto guys/gurls, I've accumulated all this gold stuff over the past year or so with the intention of building my 10th and last (says dear wife) old school build. And here's the thing; I dont have ,or even know what the next will be. So, if anyone has a suggestion please lmk in this thread, as i'm fairly open to any ideas for a frame/fork purchase, or better still, if anyone has something for sale im all ears, check the gear so far, all there except headset, grips and tubes...cheers,Mark