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Found 18 results

  1. S&m 38 special frame 20.5 s&m xlt race bars s&m xlt race forks fit stem perfect condition $450 pick up melbourne
  2. Abandoned project. Great old vintage bike to start working on. The only damage I could see what a small flake/chip on the neck (see photo), other than some extremely light scuffing. Prefer pickup from Brisbane. I found this write-up on the Burner series: Raleigh were a little slow to enter the BMX market and didn't get a range of bikes together until around 1982. The original line-up consisted of five bikes:The Raleigh Burner was the bog standard model and sold by the shed load. It had a steel frame and forks, steel rims and cranks and - I think - alloy V-handlebars.The next model - the Tuff Burner - was a little more expensive and featured yellow Skyway Tuff II mag wheels, but other wise the two bikes were identical.Next up was the SuperBurner - essentially a Burner but with a kind of gold chrome finish on the frame. It looked pretty trick but if memory serves the spec was about the same as the standard Burner.By the time you get to the Ultra Burner however, things move up a gear. Araya 7X rims, Suntour loose bearing hubs, Sugino one-piece chro-moly cranks and spyder with alloy chainring and Suntour power handlebar stem were pretty trick for a bike bought in Halfords. The frame was the same steel frame as the Burner (but with a different finish) but the forks were chrome Tange TX1200W items, though (I think) still made from steel and not chro-moly. Alloy V handlebars and budget, but genuine, dia-compe brakes complete the Ultra Burner.This was my first bike and retailed in Halfords for £130. Mine however came from the Earls Court motorcycle show 'Bike '82' in which Ammaco had built a wooden BMX track and were running demos throughout the exhibition. A dealer at the show was offering Ultra Burners for £117. The £13 saving represented quite a few weeks of my paper round so it was worth it. And I'll never forget my overwhelming joy as I wheeled my new bike out of Earls Court - still flat packed and wrapped in cardboard - having worked and waited for two years to finally afford my own BMX bike!Top of the range was the Pro Burner. Similar spec to the Ultra Burner but with a full Chro-moly frame and forks with 'race proven' geometry. I think it retailed for around £225 and as such I didn't see too many of these around.The Raleigh Burner range went on to become one of the best known brands in BMX at the absolute street level. Parents knew and trusted Raleigh's name and reputation and the 1985 UK race team line up of Andy Ruffell, Craig Schofield, Martin Jose and Stu Diggins gave Raleigh real credibility on the race circuit.Raleigh was to the UK what Huffy was to the USA. Lest we forget the importance of the humble Burner
  3. RL 440 frame and fork, full Cro-Mo, 1,1/8th headset, got surface rust, a nice little project. Pickup at Newtown NSW. $50
  4. My sons new build.
  5. Flite reproduction vinyl pads now in stock, available in Red. Blue, Black & Yellow, frame pad, stem pad, straight bar pad and v-bar pad.. All sold individually
  6. Hi everyone, have a chrome frame with serial no stamped in the rear of the seat tube, cw50804491, anyone know what it is? Cheers.
  7. I was given this frame many years ago and since then it has been sitting in a shed, i believe its a Raleigh Rampar (With Redline Stickers, which were already on the frame when it was given to me?) but not sure on what year it is etc, the serial number which is on the dropout is (2A0175) with a baseball symbol, if anybody knows any information about this frame it would be much appreciated, cheers...
  8. Hi all, I've recently got a frame and i'm trying to identify it. It feels light weight like a racing BMX. it has a small crank diameter. no serial numbers or makers marks of any kind. The headset is a VORTEX headset the name vortex inside an Australia map logo. there are some similaritys with TEAM VORTEX frames but i have been unable to find the exact match anywhere on the internet. If anybody knows what it is please let me know. thanks in advance...
  9. Dibs and paypal payment to OR pm for Direct Deposit details. Please endeavour to make payment asap. NOTE: I will donate 5% of sale price (excluding post) back to OZBMX site 1. Supercross Pro XL frame and fork 1993. 21" tt, amazing condition. (BB and headset not included) $649 posted 2. Supercross Pro XL stem, 50mm $199 posted 3. Supercross padset- red $179 posted 4. Supercross padset- blue $179 posted
  10. Can anyone identify these frames? First one is a GT. I thought it was a gt bump or something, but now I'm not sure. The head badge has me stumped. I can't find a picture of another gt frame with the same badge. This next one is some sort of Haro. I was thinking it might be a backtrail. It was a blue colour, but it looked different to the blue colour that the other backtrails look when I do a google search. It was almost glittery.
  11. hey everyone i was wondering if anyone could help me in identifying some parts and frames and maybe give some info on how to assemble. what i know/was told: - #1 apparently fits into the light blue bike where the handle bar shaft goes throught the frame - #15 looks to be the centre of a 3 piece crank but ive never had a 3 piece crank before so im not sure. - #16-22 look like they're all axles - #23 seems like just a piece of light blue painted aluminium tube but it looks like it could be part of something. - i was told that the dark blue bike was a prototype. i cant find any serial on it or anything. thanks in advance everyone Tony
  12. Please help with this Id as the numbers don't add up. The frame is full chrome moly and looks to be from the Haro family. That is about all we know.
  13. hey guys another mystery for this frame please... * the serial is on the bb and starts with E2 * the headtube and bb are lathe turned with radial turn marks on the outside of both and lathed steps inside both to fit cups * under the bb to the bottom tube there is a Mohawk lokking gusset looks like it was from factory as the welds are the same * there is also a reinforcing tube through the rear brake bridge for the brake bolt * I thought hotfoot at first but the hole in the front gusset is small any thoughts
  14. Hi I've just received an 89 Mongoose Expert frame and I'm trying to find out the actual seat post size. A 22.2mm seems to be slightly too small. The frame has obviously had a 22.2 in it has been over tightened causing slight damage to the seat tube. Can anyone who has an 89 Mongoose Expert frame themselves, confirm the correct size seat post? Much appreciated. B
  15. so i got this frame right! thinking i could find info on it. I've come to a dead end i have no idea. any help to id this frame would be great. model & year i'm pretty sure its a MCS Magnum something??? not sure of year?? s/n:311252 thanks.
  16. Got some gear the other day, and this was amongst it. Not too sure what it is, hoping someone on here may know. I think it would be a 96- serial # 961000118 Top tube length is 21" Top tube Dia. is 1 1/4 inch and down tube is 1 inch dia. Thanks fellow addicts
  17. Hey guys, Firstly, not sure if this is the right place for this topic as I'm not sure I'm actually dealing with a mid-school bike, but I've decided to start here as all the Bully fans are more likely to be into mid-school than old/new. I was wondering if anybody could help me identify a frame I picked up from a mate. I am told it's a bully frame. It's a long (dirt-jumper) style frame, really heavy in the rear. I'm not looking to sell or restore it, I'm just curious as I've not really seen many Bully frames this shape. It has a serial number; 'HFIF0211' does anybody know what year/model this makes it? I'd say it's an MCS frame and therefore post 1994, but that's only an assumption. Let me know if you know anything or know where to find info on later Bully frames. Thanks, Bully
  18. I am in the market for a track bike frame. I have been riding on my 40$ Steel Roadie converted fixie for about a year now and tax time has been good to me, i think its time to move up in the world. I have looked around a fair bit for places to get frames from (around size 54-55) and I really cannot find that many stores or sites that sell just the frames reasonably. I have about 400-500$ to play with and have most of the other components but will need a new stem and crank. Ignore the Ebay Taiwan grossness ones, I wouldn't touch them. Any help would be AWESOME. Thanks BMU (if there is a thread on this topic it would be awesome if you guys linked it, as i looked but could not find anything)