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  1. I think the comments made in the recent $10550 Hutch for sale post should have been posted in the Off Topic thread.....maybe a regular read of the rules of the forum are in order especially the last paragraph in the Notes section. What has wealthy gay people got to do with Hutch bikes all of a sudden? Not that there is anything wrong with that in this day and age.....It has happened too often where people decide to comment on a For Sale thread when they have a difference of opinion on price or see it cheaper elsewhere. Vintage BMX collectors are of different backgrounds and with different agenda's. Did you guys think that maybe for instance that a collector off loading might be offering a high price to help a family member or themselves with the cash? I got in late in 2008 when prices seemed to start escalating. I have noticed too in the past that some Americans posting have been targeted for whatever reason. One occasionally hijacked For Sale threads but he seemed a good bloke, just someone needed to tell him to use some diplomacy that what he was doing was not right. There is nothing wrong reliving the past with our favorite "toys" but it does become personal and childish from time to time and it isn't Australian....