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  1. Gday Ozers VDC Gorila short - 4130 Chromemoly - Made in USA serial 08 84 -- -- Original Chrome and decals - Frame is very good condition, decals have a few scratches, chrome is very good Cruiser Bars are rare, only 5 known, uncut, very good condition, decals have a few scratches, chrome is very good Seat post is VDC - solid alloy Frame, Fork, Headset, Bars, Seat Post, Seat Clamp - $3300 posted AUS __________________________________________ Hutch "Western H" stem rechromed - very good condition - $400
  2. Started life as a 20” Hutch Judge Chip @ C4 crafted this beast into a 16” Pit Bike , chromed then candy coated blue. This frame & fork is absolutely flawless and hard to capture its true bling This owes me a lot more then i am selling it for but my loss is your gain. Stand out from the crowd with a very rare gem $1000 plus postage (headset not included)
  3. FS Complete Green Dyno, OG AME grips, ACS stem, ACS rotor, Diacompe brakes, reissue skyway tuffs + more, selling cheap $450 tuffs and grips are worth half the asking price alone... RARE ACS GRAPHITE wheels with OG bullseye hubs, these are been restored by butlerglc in the US, all they need is decals applied, and ready to be laced up - $600 shipped in AU I have not seen another set of these come up so get on them before I change my mind... Note I also have decals for these that are included. Hutch white over gumwall tyres hold air fine, no tears/rips, little stiff as you would expect overall in exceptionally good nick - $470 shipped in AU NOS Avocet tyre these are mint, nice and soft - $290 shipped in AU Hutch pink tyres hold air fine, no tears/rips, little stiff as you would expect overall in exceptionally good nick - $250 shipped in AU MX1000 OG red anno, comes complete dated 10-81 $120 shipped in AU Set of OG sugino chain ring bolts - $15 shipped in AU
  4. For sale hutch junior racer frame and forks(same forks as expert and pro) pre serial. Really nice original chrome and decals $525 posted dibs and pm cheers
  5. Hi guys, I am selling my box collection. I have just moved here from New Zealand where my collection is located. Due to the small market in NZ I thought I would offer them for sale over here in Australia and ship them all over. They can be purchased individually or as a set. I am asking $12,000 for the complete set of 13 bikes. Not all bike are complete, most just missing some small parts etc, about 8 of them are complete. 1985 Skyway Street Beat x 3 Hutch Trickstar x 1 Dyno Detour x 2 GT performer 1987 x 2 Redline RL20A x 2 Haro freestyler frame x 1 Skyway 300TA frame x 1 Diamond Back viper Frame x 1
  6. Dibs and its yours , payment via paypal or dd don't mind either up to you BUT payment within 24 hrs please . Due to work , items will be posted friday or saturday . Posting from Perth WA and postage is included in the price . Will listen to 2nd dibs if non payment PM for payment details after dibs ........Pretty easy really hey 1/ Peregrine stem with Peregrine rotor with S&M brake tabs and Snafu cables , as a whole , will not split ! I have left it on the bike for photos very nice condition and works very well , stem was nos before mounting ..............price $260 2/ Haro Group 1 stem , bought from here , was going to use it , so asking what i paid price $130 3 Dyno stem , again bought from here , not used so asking what i paid price $30 4/ Hutch ladder bars , from the Hutch web site , used and NOT og 80's bit of rust where the grips go price $100 5 / Hutch 2 in 1 used $ 140 6/ chrome brass 16mm nips $20 7/ Sugino opc 175 pretty nice condition $40 7/ DC hangers x2 $10 each 8/ Sugino spider $40 9/ Koolstop pads strange colour tan ... $10 10/ SR stem nice condition BUT please note the shaft is bend , doesn't affect operation .....$40 Thanks for stopping by , think the price is out , give me a shout , but this is a dibs sale
  7. I have 3 sets NOS Dated Dia-Compe Brake Cables Pink years dates vary 1986/1987. all rear cables $80 shipped for a pair
  8. For Sale: Blue/White F1 Oakley Grips - $230.00 Brand new never been used with box For Sale: Purple/Pink B1B Oakley Grips - $180.00 Brand new never been used with box
  9. Post Your HUTCH Addiction Pic's Here Guys, It Could Be Any Thing HUTCH Related! Show Us What You Have!
  10. Selling off the last of my unused padsets. Profile, mongoose, Patterson, Redline, Hutch, Blue Max and GT. These are High quality repros in perfect unused condition. Great pads! $90 shipped per set.
  11. Ive got a few sets of these chrome/pink Hutch pads and 1 set of White/pink ones...They are 3 piece pad sets (frame, stem and bar pads) I picked them up a few years ago to use on some custom bikes for a local bmx team but the project never got off the ground. The pads are high quality repros in perfect unused condition. Look great on any Hutch build - I'm open to any and all trade offers - try me - the worst I can do is say no. FYI I am in the USA. better pics coming soon..
  12. Trying to relive my youth I picked up one of these frames from John across in the states. Its a XXL #004 from the recent batch he made up (13 series) I used to race a Lil Holeshot back in the '80s so have good memories of racing on a Hutch and oddly I didnt want to go down the track of building a Pro Racer from that era but rather liked the look of the retro frames in 'larger guy' sizing. Chrome and gold is the plan.
  13. Well, I have finally had a chance to get on and say G'day I joined this forum to meet like minded people and learn as much as possible to help with my father and son project- Restoring Old School BMX's... I live in the Redlands Council in Brisbane, and have not ridden a bmx since I was in Uni, 24 years ago... With 3 boys growing up behind a bmx track , it was only a matter of time before I would start a project with them and start restoring bmx's... I have got a few bikes on the go, with 2 potential old school bikes I would ride myself... I am still looking for quality bikes to do up, so if you have something that is pre 1990 (preferrrably pre 1980) that you have not time to do up, then please let me know... Cash paid, no matter what condition the bike is... I rode a green Madison in the day and would love another... I was never able to afford a Redline, Mongoose, Diamond Back, Hutch, PK Ripper, Moosegoose or Kuwahara so I would love to get my hands on some of those. Glockster and Ant have already helped me with a mongoose Expert & Unkown Twin Tube Freestyler... So thanks guys, you are both great people... Love to meet up on the next months Ride in Brisbane or Gold Coast. My boys are keen to come along too and show off their new rides when they are built. Cheers all, John
  14. After seeing another forum members new school Hutch build I decided I wanted to relive past glories and build one up myself. Used to race a Holeshot back in the mid 80's here in WA. So my #004 frame and forks arrived just after Christmas along with a set of pro bars. I have a set of gold Sinz cranks ready to go and a few parts on their way. Going to take me a while sadly as the Wife's Ford excreted an air con system to the tune of $3800 but will happen sooner than later.
  15. Thought id put this one up in the reference section. This is my Pre Serial candy red Pro Racer. Thanks for looking.
  16. Hi new to forums, registered & got stuck into finding parts forgot to say, Hi! What up! Got a couple of ride up but still need some finishing done & some clean parts. See images. Oh! Grew up in chelt, use to ride the parkdale bowl, was rusty then even worse now. These rides are sure bringing back some mad days.
  17. I think the comments made in the recent $10550 Hutch for sale post should have been posted in the Off Topic thread.....maybe a regular read of the rules of the forum are in order especially the last paragraph in the Notes section. What has wealthy gay people got to do with Hutch bikes all of a sudden? Not that there is anything wrong with that in this day and age.....It has happened too often where people decide to comment on a For Sale thread when they have a difference of opinion on price or see it cheaper elsewhere. Vintage BMX collectors are of different backgrounds and with different agenda's. Did you guys think that maybe for instance that a collector off loading might be offering a high price to help a family member or themselves with the cash? I got in late in 2008 when prices seemed to start escalating. I have noticed too in the past that some Americans posting have been targeted for whatever reason. One occasionally hijacked For Sale threads but he seemed a good bloke, just someone needed to tell him to use some diplomacy that what he was doing was not right. There is nothing wrong reliving the past with our favorite "toys" but it does become personal and childish from time to time and it isn't Australian....
  18. Hey fellow OZBMXers, Finally got around to ordering some bits and pieces for my new Hutch Pro XXL. I was fortunate enough to pick up serial 003 and I am very happy with the quality of the frame, forks and bars. Here is the parts list so far that I have or is in the post: Hutch Pro XXL Frame and Forks serial 003 Hutch Pro Size Handle Bars Hutch Bear Trap Pedals Hutch 1-1/8" Donut Seat Clamp Gold Hutch 1-1/8" Integrated Head Set Knight Bike Co Tuff Neck Stem Gold Speedline Inc CNC V Brakes Gold Pauls Motolite Love Lever Gold Redline Flight Cranks Chrome with EURO BB - 175mm BOX Concentric Brake Cable Gold For wheels I am looking at Crupi Rhythm Section Pro 20x1.75 Gold Hopefully I can get hold of a set of Hutch aerospeed cranks when they are next available. I am going with a Chrome/Gold/Black Theme for the bike. It will be a weekend rider and I might even try my luck or stupidity again at the track. I think this will be the wheels I will get.
  19. Hey guys, its been a while since ive done a build thread so i thought id share my latest build with yas. This one is a pre serial pro racer with undrilled forks. I have about 90% of the parts to finish this build but bare with me as im extremely busy lately so i will be doing a bit here and there when i have the time. Anyway here are some pics for yas. First pic is how it looked when i got it, then i had the chrome stripped and i hit it with some primer. Notice how i rescribed the hutch font out of the brake bridge, makes a big diference once the paint goes on as u will see. I wanted it candy red but didnt want to go down the chrome path so i layed down a reflective basecoat and then candy red and finally some 2pac premium clear to make it glow. Very happy with the outcome. Hope yas like. Cheers. Pete.
  20. Howdy all, Im a newbie to join in here online and also new to get into the bmx scene. So like most we start as hermit collectors/ hoarders...(awsome isn't it?) im keen to meet other bmx'rs, ive never been to a swap/ meet or bmx show but i cant bloodey wait! All my complete bikes are my daily ride, except my Hutch Junior. I ride mostly my 1981 Kuwahara KZ1( its a KZ1 or its nothing!), 1979 Mongoose motomag (original paint n' decals), 1996 Mongoose Villian (my second build) and just about anything i put together for fun and kicks! Adelaide bmx fiends lets make a meeting spot or something similar for the weekends...? I wanna see some chrome! Lets go for a ride now! My KZ1 and me! 1996 Mongoose Villian
  21. Hi to all, I received an email today just confirming the new Hutch's arrival, I was wondering if anyone has any pictures of the new bike? there is a picture of John De Bruin with a new Hutch on his timeline pictures just wondering if anyone knows if this is the new Hutch? Cheers here is the email. The new Hutch frames are here! The long-awaited 20" Hutch Pro Racer frame is ready for release. No detail has been left without consideration. Nothing about this frame is off-the-shelf. Everything was designed specifically for the Hutch fan and blends the perfect balance between tribute and today. All geometry has been updated for today's race track, and all technology for today's components. Frames include 3 top tube sizes (20.5", 21", 21.5") and have integrated head tube, Euro BB, 25.4mm seat tube, and v-brake mounts. Geometry is 74.5 degree head tube, 14.25" rear, 11.5" BB, and 3/8" axles. A 73 degree seat mast and slightly higher stand-over height makes the Pro Racer a great race frame, and also a nice-riding frame off the track as well. All main tubes are the same thinwall as vintage frames to keep the weight down. The seat/chain stay diameter was increased from 5/8" to 3/4" providing a larger weld surface area for greater strength and stiffness, and without significant increase in weight. The looptail was updated for today with a very tight radius that was extremely difficult to bend without crimping or flattening. Hutch frames include the new signature "MX125" integrated head tube, which will be applied to other upcoming frame designs. Chain stay geometry and chain-line is tested to work with both internal BB and flat sprockets/chainrings; and also external BB with backspaced spider (the preferred choice for today's racer). 1983 was the year for chrome, and 30 years later, all 2013 frames will be offered in bright shiny chrome-plated finish only. All Hutch frames will include the matching fork and be sold as a matched set. This first "production batch" is limited to only 130 frame sets in an effort to ensure that all requested manufacturing details have been met to the strict Hutch standards. There is definitely not enough frames for everyone, but a second larger batch is now being manufactured and estimated to arrive for early summer 2013. Every effort will be made to send frame serial numbers according to order which they were purchased. Serial numbers begin at 12PR0001, 12PRXL0001, 12PRXXL0001. Pro and Expert handle bars are also available. Both bars include knurling and larger diameter cross bar, and both have identical geometry to the vintage bars except that the width of the Expert bars have been increased to 28". In other words, Pro and Expert bars are identical except one has a 6.5" rise and the other has 8" rise. Expert bars can be used by older riders wanting less rise because of the new Hutch headset stack, or younger riders who cut the ends shorter. Pro and Expert angles are 1 degree up, 10 degrees back. A brand new Hutch integrated headset is also available that includes a unique chrome-plated top cover shaped like the classic 2n1 stem lock. These turned out awesome, and don't forget to grab one! There's also a brand new Hutch 1-1/8" donut seat clamp that includes a titanium bolt. DUE TO THE VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY OF SATURDAY'S RELEASE, ALL NEW ITEMS LISTED ABOVE ARE STRICTLY LIMITED TO 1 PER CUSTOMER. Race jerseys by Crit BMX are also available and come in 2 styles: standard jersey with Hutch logos front and back, or a custom jersey with your name and USABMX number on the back. Both styles are made-to-order, and ship directly from Crit in approximately 2-3 weeks. When ordering custom jerseys, be sure to include a note with your order specifying the name and number. (example: "John De Bruin 137") Stems are in development and should be available soon. Stems will include a CNC-machined threaded aluminum compression bolt/cap to work with the internally-threaded Hutch forks. Junior-size frames, XL24 cruisers, and the Trick Star are all scheduled to be prototyped and developed in 2013 now that the looptail development is finally complete. A large group of Aerospeed cranks are also currently in development, and are designed to work with today's external BB's. These will include sprocket-boss or no-boss spline-drive options. These will be sold as matched arms only without BB. Estimated availability: summer 2013. A photo of the frames/forks will be posted in the next day or so on my Facebook account. If you would like to "friend" me, look me up under the name John De Bruin. Items are scheduled to go online Saturday March 2nd at approximately 10:00am Central Standard Time at Because quantities are limited, when proceeding through the Shopping Cart process, please watch for a red warning bar indicating that the item is no longer in stock. If you see this, please remove this item from your shopping cart and attempt to select a different size if you so desire. If you do not remove the item, the item will either remain on backorder status until the next batch of product becomes available, or a refund in the form of a store credit will be provided. Good luck to all those looking to purchase, and if you don't get one on this round, please be sure to come back for the next round! PLEASE...consider in-advance which frame and bar sizes you prefer. Click carefully to ensure the items you purchase are the sizes you want. Exchanges or substitutions after an order is placed are limited to product availability. Sale items: this week end only, find special lowest-pricing-ever on Hutch Mini Bear Trap pedals and youth-size t-shirts! Payment methods are: for USA customer, Visa/Mastercard/PayPal for outside USA customer, Visa/Mastercard Note: Visa/Mastercard credit card only (no Visa/MC debit or gift cards) Shipping: Be sure to consider purchasing ALL the items you might want to order (pedals/pads/decals/shirts/etc) so that combined shipping with the large frame boxes can work in your favor. I anticipate processing over 100 orders and in accordance to frame serial numbers, so please allow 4-5 business days for all frame orders to ship. Warranty: All Hutch product is warranted to be free from manufacturer's defect for a period of 1 year from the original purchase date. Warranty details can be found on the web site. This email address was given to us by you or by one of our customers. If you feel that you have received this email in error, please send an email to This e-mail is sent in accordance with the US CAN-SPAM Law in effect 01/01/2004. Removal requests can be sent to this address and will be honored and respected.
  22. Does Anyone Know What The Baseball On The HUTCH That Are From Overseas ✈ Mean?
  23. So I decided to build up a Hutch. It is a bike that I have always wanted, since I was a child. 1984 Hutch Pro Raider Frame and Original Fork, Picked up a nice head stem and some NL pedals Original Headset, Hutch Seat Clamp, Araya 7x rims laced on Sunshine Hubs w/ Shimano Freewheel. more to come
  24. Hey OZBMX'ers. Just like many of you, I have a few projects in the mix, trolling ebay and forums for the bit I need. Here some pics of whats going on in my BMX life. The turbo lite will go to Roberto's for an immaculate restoration. The last part I needed which was the hardest to locate was the Dia-Compe AC800MX calliper that I scored recently. Look past the throwback wheels currently on it. I have 2 x sets of turbolite wheels. I love the gold padset on it!!! Turbo lite Grail - Some useful justified BMX spending. Turbolite for my boy and he loves it to bits I ordered myself a new Hutch XXL. Looking forward to this.