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Found 6 results

  1. I've had a crack at restoring old school vinyl pads a couple times now. Thought I'd start a thread on it. I'd love to hear your technique and what works for you. Sounds pretty obvious, but rusted together snaps come apart very easy with a spray of WD40 and a gentle pry with a flat head screw driver. Next thing is to bring back as much of the original colour as possible. To do this I use acetone, a clean rag and cotton buds. Wet the cotton bud in acetone and carefully wipe around the printed lettering. Get as close to the lettering as possible without touching it. Do not wipe the acetone over any printed area or it will dissolve it and destroy the printing. For the larger areas I use a clean rag and my finger - again being very careful not to touch the printing. The acetone basically strips a fine layer of the vinyl away. So be careful not to keep rubbing away at the same spot. You will eventually have no vinyl left. To clean the printed areas I use Metho and a clean rag. The Metho isn't as strong as acetone, so those areas might not look quite as clean as the other, but its fine on the print. Of course, always try on a small area first - your pads may be different to mine. If the metho leaves a bit of a dull finish, wipe over with mineral turps. Seems to bring back a bit of a shine. Once the vinyl is all clean, it's time to get the rust off the snaps. A 24hr or so bath in a citric acid mix is perfect. Same strength as you'd use for a frame. Rust will wipe away as usual. Once dry the snaps should get a layer of clear coat, use a small art brush rather than spray. If clear coat isn't your thing, use some lanolin spray. Finished product...
  2. $40 + shipping brand new located in Sydney
  3. Flite reproduction vinyl pads now in stock, available in Red. Blue, Black & Yellow, frame pad, stem pad, straight bar pad and v-bar pad.. All sold individually
  5. Gday folks, i've been hanging around here reading up on BMX for a while. I'll do a better introduction soon, in the right place. I have a 1996 Free Agent Eluder with everything original in amazing condition. The only thing i need to complete it is the original padset. See attached pic. (not my bike) its on My Eluder has a red front chainwheel centre. I was wondering if i would have come with a matching Red Pad set. Anyone know about these bikes? Cheers lads
  6. it had to happen. which compound are you and why? Compound S - Medium Density Ceramic C - Black - Low Density Ceramic D - Red - High Density why and/or are ceramic better? your thoughts? mine: i am only and only have used stock compound s - medium density pads on my bikes. my first brakes were cable disk which were very good at stopping you as long as you had the power in your hand to engage the bugga's, man they were hard work! the current stock set up i have on carbo is so much better but i haven't ever used any other other compounds. the stopping power is great as is