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  1. All items are pick up only from St Albans in Melbourne's West. No postage. 2012(ish?) OM Flyer - $400 complete F/F, wheels are stock everything else has been upgraded - S&M Race 57mm stem, Solid bikes headset, DMR wing bars, Fly grips, Avid Single Digit brake and lever, Profile 180mm cranks (some grind rash for their past life on street bikes), Cult pedals, Tree 36t spline drive sprocket, Cult 510 chain. Some pitting on chrome rims.[/img][/img][/img][/img][/img][/img] Terrible 1 Barcode 21" - first batch S&M with spanish bb - $500 complete All parts in pretty good condition but frame/fork/bars and wheels are rattle canned. I really should've got a 21.25 so it hasn't seen much use. parts list: Barcode 21 removeable mounts (mounts not included), T1 bars 8.25, Cult/Vans grips, Odyssey TDFL stem (barely used), Fly Tierra Forks, Season 7000 series rims, Proper Front hub, Superstar rear hub (9t), BSD or Cult 510 chain, Brzhd 27t sprocket, Strictly Bitch Cranks, Profile GDH spindle, Fly Roey Tripod Seat, Fly Ruben Pedals, Cult steel pegs[/img][/img][/img][/img] Brake Break 17 Charmer - 26" street bike/overbuilt pub bike/buy it and part out $300 Barely used. Parts list below: Cult cranks, Tree 28t chromo sprocket, 11t Nankai bamboo (14mm), Eclat Simplex Front hub, Rhynolite XL (welded) f/r rims, DMR wing bars, Fly Alta Stem, BSD pedals, Fly Tractor Chain. Note - brake pads have been upgraded to 26" Avid pads since photos taken. Sprocket Party! - Individual Prices below Tree 30t Spline Drive $10, Not available, Metal bikes 36t $20, T1 Gower Power 36t $20, Tree 39t OG (USA made?) $30, Primo Aneyerlater 31t $10, FBM 36t $30[/img] Colony Forks - OG $20 [/img]
  2. Se

    SE 10" powerwings
  3. howdy ozbmx , all my items forsale are for oz only , FREE POST & registered to your door , ok first up . schwinn freeform PREDATOR on clear decals / mid 80's ........asking $65 . has staple holes in down tube decal , just one side on the end . #2 SE racing " mini ripper" original decals , down tubes & forks , no headtube decal , never was one in the bag ......... asking $55 #3 southern star / metal headtube badge late 70's - 80 ? on clear background .......asking $75 #4 86-88 GT pro performer decals ...............asking $65 , headtube decals have been trimmed , but are still good to use #5 SHIMANO racer & bmx decals ..................asking $75 DIB'S is KING . thanks for looking .
  4. The SE Bunker
  5. G'day Crew. As we all know when you're searching you find nothing and when you're not things come along when you least expect it. Lucky for me I wasn't searching and this came knocking on my door step. I have to say I'm stoked to meet mates on here that hook you up with frames like this. Give a dog a bone that's for sure. So I thought I'd try to make this count and do a build thread, a few pics as I go along too. I usually get my parts and build them up in a night. Here's my main ingredient. 1982 SE floval flyer. 51110. From what I have read this is a series 2 floval, 82 models came with thicker wall floval tubing, top and bottom. The paint and decals are not original but are in pretty good shape so they will stay as they are. Can't go past baby blue that's for sure. The forks are unstamped landing gears so a matching set. I'm joining these together with and OG tange 125 headset. Let's see how this goes, Cheers
  6. For Sale Dibs rule applies PM me for details PayPal preferred Require prompt payment Prices include registered postage Vintage SE Racing Bars - Original Survivor Condition, Chrome still looks pretty good but some pitting and deterioration seen up close on back of bars more evident. Comes with vintage OURY grips. Diacomp lever is NOT Included repeat NOT included. $260 <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo 33DF325A-066C-4249-8BC7-8F4600431A3E_zpspfx61eo8.jpg"/></a> <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo 08EEF943-A7F8-4C56-BFDE-C61C8B1671BD_zps95lh6vkl.jpg"/></a> <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo FE1A52B9-2820-4A5A-B1CF-9730A813C151_zps8r1z3spu.jpg"/></a> <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo FB28492C-5E1F-48F0-AF0C-D931425C83A7_zps1ihv3qlm.jpg"/></a> <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo C8C44098-8D6A-40A9-A1CD-860265F7409A_zpskyd4ekmq.jpg"/></a> Tagani Tourney Cranks. Suit rider / survivor. They've had some burrs ground off and been polished at some stage. The 170 is almost missing on one arm. Look pretty good for a rider better than pics show. Tapers look pretty reasonable. $100 <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo image_zps1jn8cmyi.jpeg"/></a> <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo image_zps591rlrdb.jpeg"/></a>
  7. My 1970 Vista with a coaster brake was fine but when a kid sees a Schwinn they want one. Actually my neighbor had a three speed and was bragging about how fast it goes. My Vista had easy gearing so I had to move up to the next level. My Mom couldn't afford $101 but managed to, thanks Mom! The bike was too big for a six year old but we lowered the seat as far as it would go and I was off! The bike was a Cadillac and stylish. Well I wanted to show how fast this guy went and the three and five speeds raced. At race time I was told I needed to be in 5th gear, what? I stated I would lose due to being in a hard gear so we need a longer race. The drag strip became a full fledge race around a trucking facility I grew up next to. It had ruts due to the trucks sinking in the soft mud which became our first moto-cross course on bikes. I learned that being in 5th gear was hard work, especially in the trucker's part of the race. In the end I was able to pull off the win and what a thrill that was! Later that Winter I saw On Any Sunday at the movie theater. Wow, kids are riding just like me but they had bigger jumps. I continued to do my own form of BMX at "The Track" which was built right behind my house for many more years. Schwinn built a great product and can't believe all the crazy Evil Knievel and dirt jumping I did on that. It's really sad to see a great company as only the Schwinn name now. Two years later I convinced my Mom again to get me a "real" BMX bike and will post that next! VEHICLE Frame - Schwinn Sting-Ray Fork - Schwinn Stem - Schwinn Bars - Schwinn Grips - Schwinn Brakes - Weinmann Headset - Schwinn Wheels - Schwinn Front Tire - Schwinn Sting-Ray Rear Tire - Schwinn Sting-Ray slick Chain - Schwinn Sprocket - Schwinn Cranks - Schwinn Bottom Bracket - Schwinn Pedals - Union Seat - Schwinn Banana Seat post - Schwinn Seat post clamp - Schwinn
  8. Hello all, just a young bmx rider, interested in being a part of a larger community..... I currently own about 10 bmx and bikes including - se bronco 2009 (skymay mk2 tuffs, dia compe mx brake levers and calapers) - Haro shredder ( back sskyway tuff, 1 front blue anodised arraya rim, fusion headsteam & seat clamp) - Haro cosmo ( all original) - Diamond back grind (all original). - Repco (dont know what it is.... will upload maybe). - A-Pro bmx (skyways) I am just wanting to learn about some of my parts and probably get rid of my other ones...... Btw i am in Melbourne Looking forward to seeing your replies..