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  1. Back in late 1981 two brothers, Shaun & Gavin McEvoy were to be factory supported riders for Competition Development, but neither had a ride. From information received it looks like two Team Helium frames were hastily prepared for these two riders & sent on. Gavin was a stunt & trick rider who liked a bit of big air so thicker dropouts were installed in his frame while Shaun was smoother & not so much into mad stunts so his frame got the thinner & lighter dropout plates. Time flies & the two bikes, which had consecutive standard Thruster serials instead of Helium serials, served their owners well but were eventually sold off & they dissapeared into the emptiness of the used BMX world. Back in about 2008 when I first got into BMX collecting I was tipped off about a Helium frame in the window above the entrance door to a BMX shop in Southerland [Sydney] just across from the rail station. Naturally I went there with the sped of light to check it out & eventually came home with it for what was a big spend back then but is just the deposit for one these days. It was unusual for two reasons. It had a standard Thruster frame No. & a hole, factory drilled before chroming, in the left seatstay just near the dropout plate. Darrell, who had made it when new, examined this frame in the presence of Pete Cooper & declared it genuine, but was unable to offer any reason why the hole was there. Again, time marches on & in recent times a Helium was offered on NZ Trade Me, but it didn't sell. It too not only had a standard Thruster serial, but it was one number earlier than mine. It was eventually relisted on Trade Me & also offered in this forum. Eventually one of our Victorian members had contacted the seller & did a deal at a price that was, well, .... a good deal. Some PM's have been exchanged & I went with my frame to Melbourne over the last couple of days. After quite a good deal of talking with people that remember the McEvoys, & a text or two with Darrell who confirmed a few things, & comparing the two frames side by side, it has been determined that these are the Factory supplied bikes that Shaun & Gavin McEvoy raced. My frame was Shaun's with the thin dropout plates while the ex NZ frame, obviously, was Gavins as it had the thicker dropout plates. Both frames are currently being professionally 'touched up' & mine will get a "production standard" chrome job. I am now waiting on some pictures of Shaun with his bike & I will attempt to replicate it as it was back in 1982. Gavin is shown in Pancake magazine of about March 1982 doing his thing in a Melbourne Ice Skating rink on his new Helium with spiked tyres. [Pages 24 & 25] His brother Shaun was described as a Pancake Magazine 'Test Rider' at the time. That two Victorian bikes were found as far apart as Sydney & NZ only to be positively identified & reunified again is a testament to this forum & the members that are all a part of it. If the owner of Gavins frame & I are at a BMX event together, we will be sure to display these brothers side by side once again. Shamelassly stolen from Facebook, [thank you Mick Rynn]. This is Shaun not doing a stunt as I mentioned earlier. [oops]