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Found 3 results

  1. been watching ozbmx for the past month and its really slowed down on the for sale section, i guess more people in the hobby holding on to things. well here goes
  2. ALLOY spider/chaindiscs to clear.... TIOGA alloy spider/chaindisc - Used survivor. Reasonable condition, has a slight scrape in one area (See pic). Originally painted WHITE, get it repainted, polished or anodised. $30. FREE Post Auswide, or Pickup in Doncaster East, Victoria. SUGINO alloy spider - Used survivor. Reasonable condition overall. Originally anodised BLACK, get it polished or re-anodised. $30. FREE Post Auswide, or Pickup in Doncaster East, Victoria. ANLUN steel chaindisc - Used survivor. Reasonable condition overall. Originally printed/painted BLACK on chrome steel, get it re-chromed and/or painted. $30. FREE Post Auswide, or Pickup in Doncaster East, Victoria. The End...
  3. Gday guys. When i first signed up here one of my first posts was "dibs" on an Anlun made frameset that Dave(dvbmxnut) had up for sale. I just wanted a frame that i could experiment with and learn from before getting into the more serious builds. When the frame arrived i was suprised how light it was and how good the quality of the welds were so i built it up with a load of cheap parts to fang around the streets and practice monos and jumps to try to regain a small amount of the riding skill i had as a youngster. Now this frameset has become very sentimental to me as i have had alot of good times on it with fellow OZ members on rides etc etc. So i decided it needed a rebirth. I think with the 3 different builds this bike shows how much i have learnt from my time on here and how my tastes have changed. The first pic is the frame when i got it, the second pic is the bike the first time around(dont ask what drugs i was on) and the third pic is the bike how it turned out after the second build. I will load up the new 3rd build pics shortly.