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Found 25 results

  1. Araya 24”wheels Beautifully restored Araya 24” wheels, 24x1.75 laced to HF sunshine hubs, in a satin finish, wheels will come with skinwall Cheng-shin tyres. $420 pickup Melbourne post is extra
  2. Kos Kruiser with all the bits n pieces. Original Chrome and decals (except frame decal is new repop) stamped cruiser bars original gold stem in very good condition mx cranks Shimano DX pedals and post Shimano tourney brakes and pre bent lever reconditioned araya rims with shimano hubs stamped seat post clamp brooks seat reproduction pads selling complete only, will not part out (don’t ask) will pack and post at cost $3750.00 I don’t have a Facebook account but if someone wants to share the link. my contact is 0407 113 023 Pick up is Annerley, Brisbane
  3. Aray 7x Alloy 20" BMX rims with matching Alloy King Kong hubs. Pick up in Newtown NSW for $79 or can ship aus wide for about $22 extra. Cheers Vic
  4. JBM (Japanese Bicycle Manufactures / Makers) - Araya / KKT / Takagi / Tange / Shimano http://www.jpdeane.c...imanodx1980.pdf
  5. Dibs Rules, Speedy payment required please and thankyou. Paypal preferred as family/friend (yes i am trustworthy) but can do DD. PM contact for payment details. Postage included in sale price from WA. 1.) Diamond Back Sugino HLT Stem. In outstanding condition, polished for show. No hammer marks, gouges or cracks. This is the best non chromed turbo stem i've seen. Some extremely small scratches are around but not that noticeable. Stem shaft has peel, but been coated to prevent further rusting. $240 posted. 2.) Araya 7X rims with Low Flange Suzue hubs. In seriously good condition for age, shows minimal brake rub, both rims spin 98% straight with no hops. Looseball Suzue L/F hubs stamped OF (June 1980), still spin smooth. Some minor scratches here and there but overall a nice set of rims. I had them on a show build, they present that well. $260 posted. 3.) Redline Flight 'Bubble Font' Chain Ring 46T. Highly sought after bubble font Redline Flight 401 Chain Ring 46T. In very good condition for age, hasn't seen much use. Teeth are still ace with nearly no wear. Suited for the 19mm spindle. Been lightly polished, still shows minor scratches and some pitting. Will polish up for show very well. $140 posted. 4.) Mitsuboshi Comp 3 'grey label' 20 x 1.75 set. These have NEVER been ridden, but shuffled about on a couple of show builds. Perfect tread. super soft. no cracks or rot. These are great tires, could do with a little wipe over to get some scuffs and dirt off. $100 posted. 5.) Suntour XC-II pedals 9/16. Nice set of sought after Suntour pedals. Have after market custom cages. Lightly polished, some small scratches here and there. Pedal spindles are nice and they spin smooth. Great for a rider, or if you're not fussed get the cages reannoed and put them on your show build. $120 posted.
  6. Hey all got a few bits im putting up for sale, if you want more info or pics just yell out. Not sure how accurate my prices will be, if its too expensive just make me an offer, too cheap get yourself a bargain! 85 Mongoose Minigoose frame fork with araya rims & suzue hubs. Frame & fork in good condition, chrome is good no dings, a good OA bath will take care of some surface spots it has. wheels in rider condition, few scratches here and there, few bent spokes. - $450 ono pickup melbourne odyssey TKO Stem, few small scratches and rubs where paint has come off, suit a rider - $70 posted Suntour XC II pedals, missing 2 screws to hold the cage to the pedal. repaint of the cages they would look fantastic. $80 posted Dia Compe Red ano mx seat clamp, few scratches as seen in pics $60 posted
  7. Dibs is trumps Payment is PayPal only and you pay the fees Prices include postage to east coast, maybe a little more for the wheel sets 1st up is a rear gold MX1000 dated 83, is a faded gold colour, but still in great survivor condition Price is $80 posted and paid with PayPal, you pay the fees please 2nd is a Gold Profile inverted pro xl stem Price is $70 posted and paid with PayPal, you pay the fees please 3rd is a set of 20x1.75 Araya 7X rims, these have been anno by Benny, they are not a deep black colour, probably more like a coke colour and shiny sided. I havnt even undone the wrapping from Benny, reason for sale is that I have purchased Aeros instead. Price is $160 posted and paid with PayPal, you pay the fees please 4th is a set of Nos before fitting Araya Aero 1 1/8th rims, fitted to a set of loose ball Sunshine hubs refinished and laced by Benny and comes with a nos Suntour 16 t freewheel and a set of nos Panaracer tyres. This is an a macular show set if wheels and have only been fitted to a show bike. Price is $500 posted and paid with PayPal, you pay the fees please
  8. Hey Oz, Like to swap my red Skyway Tuff II's (freewheel) for some black tuff II's in coaster. Need to be metal flange front and rear. Also like to swap my gold Araya 7X rims for a set of gold Araya 7C rims. I think my gear is good rider/survivor condition so would like to swap for similar condition. I'm happy to consider adding some cash if your gear is nicer condition.
  9. END OF PRODUCT LINE NOTICE Hi all, we have approximately 20 pair of red and 20 pair of blue 20" 7X Style rims left in stock Once these rims are gone we will NOT be getting any more, ever! These rims will be available on our website until 31st of December 2015, after that they will be packed into wheel kits to be sold as kits only! So if your're a wheel builder or think you may want to build some wheels in the future grab some before they are all gone. Click Here To Go To The Rim Page
  10. pickup from east brisbane 1. nos ukai 24 x 1.5" rims. 36 hole. 1 pair only. $150 pickup, will post at buyer's expense. 2. used araya 26" hoops. 2 pair. (i'll call then "flat" and "wobbly" as i dont know the model numbers.) both are 1.5" wide. $20 per pair pickup only 3. nos irc mx6 tyres. 20 x 2.125". no cracks. $100 pickup only 4. grips lot. nos but dirty white peregrines, should clean up easily with some bleach. used and dirty orange ame, no scuffs. nos in bag clear odi attacks. see pic for what they look like mounted. $40 for the lot pickup, add $10 for post.
  11. Up for grabs is a heap of stuff I’ve had laying around and I won’t end up using soon. All prices are shipped in Oz, DD preferred but can PP. Dibs and it's yours, PM for payment details. I’ve done my best to describe the items, please PM any questions. Give me some time to get pics up please. #1 Red 20” Araya 7X pair – one of these is unused (call it NOS if you really want) and as close to mint as you’ll get with very minor shelf wear. The other is well used with scratches and needs some love, but Benny could fix it up IMO and you’d have a perfect set. $150 #2 Orphaned silver 20” Araya 7X –has never been laced but had some bad discolouration in the anno so was stripped and polished. $80 #3 Orphaned gold 20” Araya 7X – used and in good nick but with some scratches and someone has attempted to remove the anno one section. $40 Or take #2 and #3 for $110. #4 Shimano HF hubs – used and lightly polished, new axles n nuts etc. Front bearings feel a bit rough but not bad. Date codes FB front, FC rear. $75 #5 Chrome braced 7/8 seatpost (375mm long) – some turd on Ebay sold this to me as a NOS CW post (hence the sticker) but it isn’t because they were never braced. It’s apparently a midschool GT post (and no it’s not an SST). It’s in perfect condition and the chrome is very nice. $45 #6 Red Proneck 41T chainring (130/110 BCD) – looks to have had very light use and is in great shape. $45 #7 Proneck power disc – was painted white but has been stripped and will come up very nice with a polish. $45 Or take #6 and #7 for $80. #8 New white Viscount aero seat with guts – only mounted on a bike briefly. $45 #9 NOS in packet silver Tange headlock. $50 #10 Chrome plastic Sugino crank caps. Mint. $40 #11 Red metal Sugino crank caps. A couple of small marks but nice. $40 #12 Gold repop ACS clamp only mounted on a bike briefly. $20 #13 Red RH Dia-compe Tech 2 lever (date 07 81). Very nice with only a couple of small marks at clamp end. $20 #14 Brand new JT Racing Pro Tour MX jersey size M in white/blue/red/silver. Still has the tag on. $60 . . . . .
  12. Mint Araya 7x 36 spoke stamped Suzue High Flange hub wheel set. Professionally built and in mint show condition. Trued and laced with new spokes. As a special offer I'm also throwing in a set of near new Tioga Comp III tyres for fellow OZ BMX members. Never fitted on a bike. Dibs rule applies. Prompt payment is appreciated. $390 includes postage anywhere in Australia Sugino SR Stem. VGC. Professionally refinished. Original bolts. Never fitted. Dibs Rule $125 posted in Australia. Takagi Ultra Dyno crank set. VGC. These would be mint except for dings on the inside of the spider. I doubt you'd even see them when fitted. Tapers and threads are excellent. Bids rule. $175 posted in Australia. PM me for details
  13. A Bit To Go DD Preferred , Pay pal ok but you pay the fees. Dibs Then PM for details. All Items include postage within Australia. If you feel I’m off on prices I’m open to offers via pm. Kuwahara KZ1 with Tange forks Og chrome, No cracks or re-welds etc. There are a few small dents to the rear of the forks though. $540 Posted. 81 Elina well used/loved, scatches ,scapes no cracks. $130 Posted. Yellow OGK's, Excellent original condition, No cracks $180 Posted. More To Come Gold Ukai 20 x 1.75 HE Rear has Suntour Hub Front has Suze. Rims are in Beautiful original condition. $250 Posted. and More.
  14. Ok thought id give this one more try before i reluctanty consider parting it out DD Preferred , Pay pal ok but you pay the fees. Dibs Then PM for details. If you feel I’m off on price I’m open to offers via pm. 82 Kuwahara 24" Cruiser. Parts list as follows. Powdered Black F/F No cracks, dents, re-welds etc. Seat: Elina L/B Wheels: Araya 24" With L/F Suze hubs, Spin Nice and Straight but could do with a grease & Repack Tyres: Comp 3 Rainbows. ( Rears sidewalls is fraying in spots) Stem : Suntour Nos Before fitted. Bars: Nitto Cruiser bars. Seat Clamp : Suntour. Grips: Tange. Cranks: Tagaki MX With Sugino Chain Ring and Sugino Power Disc. Brakes: DC Leaver / Copy Caliper. Looking For $1750 + Post.... Thanks for looking
  15. For sale are my two cruisers, 24" and 26" Apollo Hallmark, copy GT Will sell wheels separately or sell complete bikes. Can do PayPal or DD, if PayPal you pay the fees. All prices are dd or PayPal is 3% extra Postage is NOT included, but will post at buyers expense. First is the 24" Wheels $300, Araya 7x, Suzue hubs, refinished by Benny, very nice set and very straight. tyres not included Frame and forks $250 Complete bike $550 all other parts are repop 26" Wheels $300, Araya 7x, Suzue hubs, refinished by Benny, very nice set and very straight Frame and forks $250 Complete $550 Blue. Tuff wheels with White industries freewheel and Tyres $160 PayPal and posted They have brake rub from tuff pads but comes off as in the last pic.
  16. Dibs is the word or pm for more info. PP or DD. Pm for details. Ukai Speedine rims, nice rider condition, 36 hole. Minor nicks, scratches and brake rub as expect, the worst blemish is pictured. $160 posted on the east cost of Oz, + $10 for NT, WA and Tas.
  17. Hi all, I have for sale today 2 X sets of Araya Rims and some Campi Record High Flange Hubs. Please dibs in thread. Payment via PayPal or D/D up to you. PM for payment details. #1 Araya 7X Rims 26 X 1.75 silver will need a clean and polish or keep as riders. Rims are straight with no hops or buckles. $135.00 Posted or $120.00 pick up #2 Araya Rims 26 X 1.50 Silver, Once again these will need a clean and polish or keep as riders. Rims are straight with no hops or buckles. Sorry photos are not great, let me know if you want some more. $100.00 posted or $85.00 pick up #3 Campi High Flange Hubs, these have been lightly polished and have had the BMX conversion axles installed and not used since.They show some wear from previous builds but are in very good condition. $200.00 posted or $185.00 pick up Thanks for looking, TonyZ...
  18. Mini Rims clearout (dropped).... LOCAL PICKUP ONLY. Prefer pickup 24-48 hours after dibs, any weeknight 6pm onwards, or the nearest weekend. NO CHIT CHAT NO GLWS and other pointless comments NO THREAD-JACKING DIBS & PMs only! MONGOOSE PROCLASS Mini Rims - SILVER - 20x 1 3/8" - Used Survivors Here's a pair of MONGOOSE PROCLASS Mini Rims - 20x 1 3/8" - Used Survivors $60/pair. ARAYA Mini Rims - 20x 1 3/8" - GOLD - Used Survivors Here's a pair of ARAYA Mini Rims - 20x 1 3/8" - GOLD - Used Survivors $50/pair. UKAI Mini Rims - 20x 1 3/8" - BLUE - Used Survivors Here's a pair of UKAI Mini Rims - 20x 1 3/8" - BLUE - Used Survivors $50/pair. ALEX Regular Rims - 20x 1.75 - SILVER - Used Survivors Here's a pair of ALEX Regular Rims - 20x 1.75 - SILVER - Used Survivors $40/pair. ARAYA 'SLIM AERO' Rims - 20x 1 1/8" - RED - Used Survivors Here's a pair of ARAYA 'SLIM AERO' Rims - 20x 1 1/8" - RED - Used Survivors These are a a narrow aero-shaped rim, there's no flat sides etc. $50/pair. UKAI Mini Rims - 20x 1 1/8" - GOLD - Used Survivors Here's a pair of UKAI Mini Rims - 20x 1 1/8" - GOLD - Used Survivors $50/pair. The End...
  19. Hi All, First is this Unused 94 Widowmaker frame with unused Gay bars, and Pitchfork.Frame and bars are NOS , although the forks where sold to me as unused?, they look to have been at least mounted at some stage.(needed mentioning). $1550 au posted in OZ. Prices are PP , Dd or cash on pick up welcome.Dibs trumps, followed by pm for details.
  20. been watching ozbmx for the past month and its really slowed down on the for sale section, i guess more people in the hobby holding on to things. well here goes
  21. Front Wheel Only Araya rim laced to Shimano low flange hub. Survivor condition. $ 90 Pick up Adelaide or post at buyers expense.
  22. I have some items here that are not needed, usual rules dibs and pm please. orfan red araya, old thick spokes, average cond as seen in pics, 20x1.75, $65 posted. GT piston stem, polished 1/18, new stainless bolts, usa made, one small nic where the face screws to the body but barely notice it with bars, unusual more solid shape than the skinny ones ive seen, $110 posted. Odyssey Triple Trap pedals, survivors, 9/16 thread, had a light polish and clean, some scrapes and wear but overall pretty good cond, $ 50 posted. GT alloy 34t chainwheel, great condition, has a swirly pattern on the face, teeth good, was from a set of cpi 3 piece cranks, 1/2x1/8, $40 posted. thanks for looking.
  23. Dibs wins the item. All prices include postage (Australia wide only). Send me a PM for payment details. 1. $350 Gold Takagi Tourney crank set, show condition. 44T Chainring, 170mm crank arms + Bottom bracket. 2. $350 Gold Araya’s 7X rims with Shiney sides with Gold Suzue High Flange Hubs – restored by Benny, perfect show condition 3. $110 Gold MKS BM-10 original pedals (only show mounted) – this is the real deal (not repop) 9/16th for 3 piece cranks 4. $200 Silver Takagi Tourney crank set, good condition. 44T Chainring, 170mm crank arms (no Bottom bracket) 5. $60 SR MS-420 Stem – highly polished in amazing condition 6. $110 Nitto Stem – highly polished, original goodness.
  25. Righto guys/gurls, I've accumulated all this gold stuff over the past year or so with the intention of building my 10th and last (says dear wife) old school build. And here's the thing; I dont have ,or even know what the next will be. So, if anyone has a suggestion please lmk in this thread, as i'm fairly open to any ideas for a frame/fork purchase, or better still, if anyone has something for sale im all ears, check the gear so far, all there except headset, grips and tubes...cheers,Mark