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  1. Hi there, browsed the forum a fair few times and decided to just make my own account My name is Phoebe, I was Wes Marshall's partner, and as many of you know he passed away almost 5 years ago now. He was known on the forum as rotah. There are so many kind things written about him here, it bought tears to my eyes reading them. Anyway i've joined the forum looking for some help. I have a few bikes that i'm ready to sell but i don't know what to write about them or even what they're worth. I also thought there might be someone here who'd be interested in wes' bikes. The bikes are (to the best of my knowledge): a 21" S&M Cardona race bmx. super light weight, raw finish frame. a 79' mongoose motomag. Wheels, crank and pedals, and brakes were all unfortunately stolen off this bike. This was the bike wes used to race in the old school class with the icecream lid race plate. The ice cream lid is indeed still attached to this bike. a rebuilt rampar/raleigh with yellow skyway tuffs (he wrote about this build on the forum a bit) a 24" norco...think he said it was a norco 250 but i'm not sure. This has hydraulic forks, shimano disk brakes, and a profile crankset. I'm keeping my haro and would've loved to keep the orion however someone stole that and sold it on gumtree a few months ago. If anyone on the forum purchased a blue and white 88' Orion freestyler with white skyway tuffs OR if anyone knows of someone who did, please pm me. I'm desperately trying to hunt this bike down! Hope this post isn't too long! cheers guys.