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Found 45 results

  1. Rare oldschool American 76 gasoline brand unique ball valve caps as u can see the o ring that prevent air leakage,limited quantity. Can be used on bicycles bmx, motorbikes,cars,ebikes, escooters & more. $9.50.00 for a pair. $16.00 for 2 pairs,limited stock! Will be posted by registered mail with tracking number and postage proof by photo,delivery ensured. Thanks for viewing.
  3. Hi all , I found this today. It is in sad condition but it has skyways... any help on frame ID would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!
  4. $40 + shipping brand new located in Sydney
  5. Bike was not for sale but this guy is now offering $1000 for it. What do you guy's think? Should I sell or keep?
  6. Good evening My first sale post dibs is king price is for two tyres only shipping is extra. Lightly used but in good condition with heaps of tread left. Price is $110 PM me for bank transfer preferred. Cheers
  7. Well, quick story goes I was at Hurstbridge with Mickey 2014. Checking out the bikes and this looptail quad was in my sights. i had a go and let the owner know if he ever sells put me on the books. well fast forward to 2016 and I got a message. Guess who??? Well now it's mine. I've made a few changes just to see how it looks. OG paint and decals will always stay the same as long as it's mine. Check it out, cheers
  8. As eBay is said to be - 'letting the market decide' on final value of a bike or part, I've started a semi-regular post on my blog to document some of the sales that end on parts and bikes I think are interesting. I cant follow and write about all auctions, and there will be parts and bikes that sell that I don't mention. So be it. I ONLY report on the final auction prices for eBay Australia. The original description and a couple photos of the item from the seller (without any contact details) is included. All photos remain property of the original owners. Comment on, ridicule, debate or generally discuss any of the items, it's all good. I'll update this thread with the link for each new month's post. March Auctions April Auctions May Auctions
  9. I was given this frame many years ago and since then it has been sitting in a shed, i believe its a Raleigh Rampar (With Redline Stickers, which were already on the frame when it was given to me?) but not sure on what year it is etc, the serial number which is on the dropout is (2A0175) with a baseball symbol, if anybody knows any information about this frame it would be much appreciated, cheers...
  10. Any body have a need for Custom Reproduction Peregrine Decals? $100 per set. The price might seem steep... But, they cost an arm and a leg to make and you wont find better.
  11. Hi Everyone, In case you're not a member of any of the Old,or Mid-School BMX Facebook pages, the 'Old & Mid School BMX Canberra Region' Facebook group are hosting our 2nd OSBMX ride; Bikes & Bevies...! 2nd ACT OSBMX Ride...! Date: 14 November 2015 Time: 10:00am Where we'll Meet: We'll meet at Lennox Gardens on Flynn Drive in Yarralumla... For those that don't know where this is...? If you drive over Commonwealth Avenue Bridge from Canberra City aiming towards Parliament House, it's just over on the right as you're coming off the bridge, on the western side of Lake Burley Griffin... The Ride: We'll ride 'west' towards the Canberra Yacht Club stopping to have some food, drinks and more stories I'm sure than last time... We'll then keep on riding as far as people want around the Lake, returning to Lennox Gardens later on in the afternoon... If people wish to bring a packed lunch for a picnic, this is also fine...!
  12. rare khs podium frame and forks ,175mm 3pce cranks ,headstem,bars,seat pole and clamp ,brakes and mongoose rims not spoked . made by freeagent and is similar to the 2007 model $200
  13. Yep it's on again. In conjunction with the Cooloola BMX Club G-Town Shake Down Open Day race meet. In Gympie, Saturday 10th October. There is a race meet the night before too. Unofficial camping, same as last year. No showers available this year though. Cameron and I are sponsoring People's Choice and every vote goes in to a draw for a mystery prize. Retro Race Classes are sponsored by Oxley Cycles. The flyer for the race meet is available on the BMXQ website.
  14. Hey guys, Got one of my Villains on Evilbay atm. Would much rather sell it to an OXBMXer. Im after $550. Pick up from Beverly Hills in Sydney or postage to be arranged and paid for by buyer. Pack & send seem like a good idea for those interstate. PM me for details or more pic. Cheers
  15. Hi all, new to the forum so this is my first post. Here it goes... For Sale is my 1988 Haro Invert Frame + Forks in good condition. The photos tell the story, nice and shiny but could do with some cleaning up in the tight spots. I intended on building the bike but just don't have the time and I'm fairly new to the process as well. I think this would look sweet with white Skyways, black tyres and everything else mostly white. Purchased from the US - there are stickers on the frame from the bike shop in New York where it was originally bought which I think is pretty cool. Asking $250 - I'm taking a loss on it so seems like a good price to me. Pickup only from Bondi Junction, Sydney. Feel free to ask any questions. Cheers George
  16. Hey guys! For almost a year now our team has been working on a new mobile app for action sports lovers! It's gonna be a social network with tons of useful features – slow mo, filters and outstanding points earning system for every good trick you`ve made. We have already collected a database of hundreds of stunts for 18 disciplines featured in our app, so whatever you post - Shrick will know it! Plus, you'll be able to share your tricks very easily: editing, adding slow motion, posting, commenting - everything is done with the means of just our app! Also, every post will let you score points (the amount depends on the content and likes/shares the post collected) and compete with riders from any part of the world - including pros, who use our app! We are in the finalizing stage of our app and in this November already we'll be sending out keys to our beta-testers. Learning what riders think about our app is crucial for us, so we're inviting all of you to participate in the beta-testing. While we're still working on the launch, you can subscribe to our facebook page to read all the latest news about the development and other cool stuff:
  17. I bought this frame literally last week.. But for unforseen circumstances i need to sell this to free up a bit of $$ Chrome is in good condition usual markings on rear drop outs.. Im looking for $250 shipped Australia wide, or best offer.. Pay pal payment preferred.. Thanks for looking
  18. Hi Guys, I apologise in advance for the limited information and may need to provide more as it comes. I am in the process of sourcing a Crisp Junior (frame/fork set only) which I plan to build for my daughter. Once I have it, I will be able to provide more details and am aware that I may not be able to get much assistance until such time as I actually have the frame in my possession. In the interim, my intention is to start building a parts list, so that I can start sourcing them when I can get them at a good price. Any help from those who know what I am trying to build, especially those who either raced in Queensland in the 80s or had kids who raced in QLD in the 80s would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to build a bike that was similar to what was raced back in the mid to late 80s when I raced. I raced a Crisp, but I was about 10 when I started racing whereas my daughter is 2 this Sunday. Now as this bike is for my daughter I am looking to buy items that are new or never used, so am happy to be flexible for something that looks the part, even if not the same brand, etc. I would prefer the same brand were possible. Pedals - Most likely like bear trap pedals - does anyone remember the ones that had the cage on the front and back, but not on the side? Grips - Ame (these will be easy enough) Seat - the tiny white ones that almost all kids used Cranks - Unsure what I used, maybe Shimano Wheels/Rims - Ours were super skinny. My cousin raced for SLA and he had the webbed tubeless tyres and his rims had like an soft arrow shape. Handle bars - the super low bars Sorry for the average description. I have attached a pic (number 55) to give you a bit of an idea of what I am trying to make. Any technical information such as brands, sizes, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Matt Another pic to give you an idea. Thanks, Matt
  19. I've really enjoyed building up my personal holy grail old-school BMX just like I wished I owned as a kid. I had a bit of spare cash to throw at my hobby and bought a mint frame set and I splashed out (more than i probably should) on a bunch of NOS must-have parts. In buying mode all I thought about was getting the bike looking better than the 1981 catalogue bike. A couple times I paid to re-finished parts I couldn't get NOS, I just wanted my bike to be perfect. Now it's done, it looks freakin' awesome. Every time I look at it, it takes me back to 1981 as a 12 year old standing in the bike shop, fingers and toes crossed that dad gets this bike. Surely he's seen the drooled over posters plastered all over my bedroom wall, he's heard me talk non-stop about it for weeks. All my mates have this bike, it's the one I want. The total disappointment as I wheeled out my brand new Roadmaster Super Blah will be with me forever. But those days don't matter I built the bike I always wanted. Sure, I made a few tweaks, added a few top spec parts, and it's better than I could have had dreamed of owning. Everyone comments on the photos, doesn't it look the business. But that's not the end of it. I've now built a few bikes I still have my first, of course, I also build up a cruiser with the intention of going for a ride every now and then. Yea right. That old Roadmaster.... I bought one and rebuilt the bike I used to actually own. Again up-specced it with top period parts, at least it's the same colour as the one I used to have. Oh yeah, and I also built another perfect old-school bike 'for the wife', her bike would have been my second choice bike BITD. I tried to add up how much I spent, probably a few thousand dollars on each. A couple of years have passed, the man-cave needs a refurb and I thought i'd try to sell up my collection. I priced my holy grail bike to sell for half the price of what I put into it - one to two thousand, I thought that was fair. But nothing. No one wanted to buy. I put it up on the bay, it sat there for months. I was getting stupid low ball offers that just pissed me off. I have had plenty of offers to part it out, but surely someone wants the bike complete, just how I built it? Couldn't they see the value in it complete? It's amazing. What is their problem? Sorry to say, but this story is actually fictional. It hasn't happened to me yet. But I have a sneaking suspicion that it might have if I hadn't looked at what was going on around me. Listening to others who have done this before me. Through the bikes I build, I am creating dreams, or re-creating them in most cases. There is no market for that. No-one wants to buy another person's dream. Everyone wants their own experience. Unless a complete bike is rare, or cheap enough for the next guy to change, build up, spec up and make their own, it won't sell for what you put in. Take the emotion out and think about it. Who buys complete BMX bikes? None of my bikes are actually rare, there are a few of them around now, just as there were BITD. Sure I can spec mine to the bejesus with awesomeness, but nothing the next guy can't buy. If it's not a rare complete, it's not going to sell to a true collector here on the forum. So, who else buys complete bikes? Dads do.... Dads buy completes for their sons. But they're not interested in spending over a grand, my dad didn't spent that kind of money on me, and most kids today don't want a vintage bike. They want what their friends have, just like i did. Complete old-school BMX's do sell on eBay, the ones that get the most are the untouched barn finds that have sat in a time warp for 30 years. They sell for upwards of a grand, depending on originality and condition. From what I can see there is no market for my expensive, mint condition old-school BMX, complete with the parts only I would have added. Everyone has slightly different taste, and everyone would build their bike slightly different. And basically that's what we do. There is however a huge market for mint old-school parts. I don't have my original bike from BITD, so nothing that needs to be kept and handed down to my son or grand son. I'll be parting out my bikes when the day comes to move them on. Those parts will go on to help create dreams for the next guy. Oh yea, plus I should get my money back easy.
  20. Starting a thread to share Instagram accounts. If you take photos of your rides like me, share your Instagram account name here. @refoundrides
  21. Hi everybody! I am a newbie from Melbourne and after many years of nagging my sister she finally sold me her old Torker Kickback! Now that I finally have it I'm divided on what to do with it. I was originally thinking of doing a ground up, fresh out the box restoration but after seeing a few custom killer Kickback/ Vagabonds on here I'm torn. It really comes down to how much of my kickback is original so I have added some photos and was hoping that you guys could help share some information about the Torker kickback and what parts they had fitted fresh out the factory. Just by having a look over it the parts on it are: Rims - Rhyno Sun Rims Rear Brake - Dis compe ad990 Front Brake - ? Handle Bars - PZ company Crank Plate - ? Brake Levers - Tektro Pedals - VP550 Crank - ? Seat Post - ? Pegs - ? Grips? The seat is a generic gel seat and the tyres are GT Any information you guys have will be much appreciated! Cheers
  22. We have a lot of new products on the way so we've got to put up a heap of new racking So rather than having to move all the stock around, we thought we'd have a quick special to clear some out. It starts NOW and finishes tomorrow night Saturday 31st January at Midnight. 20% off Discount code is OZBMX20 http//
  23. I was just wondering who still races their old pride and joy??