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  2. Hi all, I just dug my old BMX out the shed at my folks place. I think it's an 87 or 88 model. I could hardly believe how good it still looks after a quick clean and some new tyres!! Other than a cracked seat, it's in awesome condition. I'm considering selling it, but I'm having trouble working out how much it's worth. There just doesn't seem to be much info on the web about them. Can anyone point me towards someone who could help me? I'm in SE suburbs of Melbourne. Cheers, Dave
  3. Hey guys, Just wanted to share with you my 1982 Mongoose Supergoose that I have been sourcing parts for and been putting together over a long period of time. . It's still not 100% complete but it's almost there finally! So I couldn't make up my mind with a lot of the parts so I just kept impulse buying till I got what I wanted or thought suited the bike but finally after speaking to some members on the forum they knocked some sense into me and stuck with what I had originally. So thanks to those people you know who you are. <3. I also wanted to thank the community as I bought many things for this bike on OZBMX and probably couldn't have done it without you guys! So as for the parts: Handlebars - Pro Size (28' x 10') Redline V Bars. Grips - Repop Mongoose (Waza). Stem - Mongoose Gold Stem w/ Original Sticker. Frame & Fork - 3 Hole Brake Bridge '82 Supergoose w/ Supergoose Forks. (Big thanks to Pig304). Crank - Mongoose Stamped OPC. Chainwheel & Spider - Takagi 110/130 BCD w/ Sugino 44t Polished Chainwheel. (HULKSTER = Legend) Bottom Bracket - Mongoose Stamped BB. Headset - Mori EPOCH Self Adjusting Headset. Seat - Kashimax Supergoose. Seat Clamp - Mongoose Stamped Clamp. Brakes - NOS '85 Dia Compe MX Brake Set. Pads - Genuine Mongoose Padset. (Stamped Stockoz). Wheels - NOS Araya 7C Hoops w/ Sunshine LB High/ Low Flange Hubs. Tyres - CST Skinwall Tyres. Decals - Big thanks to Waza for providing all the decals I needed for the build.
  4. My Daily Redline 720SLX 1991 20.75" Top Tube, Forklifters, pitbulls, stealth stem and RL Velo 275 studded seat.. show us your early 90's ride!
  5. Purchased this 82 Black Chrome Pro Class off the original owner, he had purchased it in the US whilst racing over there, he brought it back to OZ (QLD) and raced it a fair bit then it was put away until he decided last year it was time for it to go to a new home. As per most of my bikes, It's not quiet finished, still a couple of things to finish off, being bars & seat, I have temporary ones on there for now. It has Original 82 dated polished hubs with repaired & polished rimsOriginal 82 dated polished tech 2 leversOriginal 82 dated polished MX1000 rear & MX900 front calipersMongoose stamped repaired & re chromed cranksOriginal Dia-Compe polished seat clamp with a new hand made rivetRepaired & Polished SR 468 pedalsRepaired & Polished Pro Class StemRepo Decals, GripsHome made stainless steel seat postMy plan was to make it as per the Mongoose flyer Here it is the day it arrived And as it is today
  6. Has anyone had experience with Swift Electroplaters in Silverwater NSW?
  7. A friend has this, I've never seen a cable guide like that nor stamping like that either. Its tt is about 19 + inches long. The welds are tidy. It isn't very heavy either. Serial number on the underside of the bottom bracket WM6100225 and also on the underside of the bottom bracket is WL -EXP. WL-EXP is also on the underside of the down tube too. So whaddya reckon it is? Thanks for your help. .
  8. Was going to document the build in the thread I started in the Old School section when the bike arrived but thought this might be a more appropriate place to put it. Here's a reminder of what I started with: I bought it as a complete bike, but it had a few rogue components. Such as: Rainbow label Comp IIIs in 20 x 1.75/20 x 1.5 Velo Aero seat 11" Redline fluted seat post (should be 14") Reissue DC MX-122 lever (does anyone have the original four-finger knuckle buster these came with? Let me know if you do!) Kool Stop finned brake pads (these will go on my rider) Fortunately I've been collecting bits over the last couple of years to help keep it as original as possible. I've been trying to collect as many pairs of black Ukai Speedlines as I can afford lately, but prices seem to have reached the ridiculous lately. Anyone bid on the NOS ones on eBay (gitano99) recently? You'll know what I'm talking about! So I'm gonna work with the originals, which is probably best anyway. The only before pics I have of the original wheels are the ones with the bike on the stand. They are great for 29-year-old wheels, spin straight as a die, but have a few scratches; some of which are quite deep: I gave them a wash in the sink. Then I got the Purple Metal Polish out and gave the front wheel a go: As opposed to the back wheel: The two together: Upon review it's actually tough to see the difference, but the shiny sides and spokes are the giveaways. More to come...
  9. Hello all, first of all a big thankyou to all you guys/gals for your efforts in pulling together this resource. The detail available has been incredibly useful in terms of the little project I have just undertaken. Story as follows and pictures attached......I am happy to help others do the same if they want any insights etc... The story: I am in my early 30s and a couple of weeks ago I was alerted by my brother that I ought to do something about my BMX (mid 80s silver streak, not sure which year etc...but think it is a late-ish model)....which was being stored in a damp shed at the bottom of our parents garden -untouched for the last 15 years. I asked him why and he explained that 80s BMXs were becoming collectable and I ought to at least preserve it (he is ten years younger than me and clearly has a much greater appreciation than I). Anyway, he dug it out for me.....and it was in a mess...but complete and original aside from the grips. The big problems were: Chrome in a mess, rusty throughout but not pitted badly Chain frozen with rust Both tyres rotten and rat eaten Decals appearing to need replacement I decided to have a go at stripping it down and rebuilding it. Once I got in to it, I subsequently decided to keep everything as original as possible - mainly out of a sense of nostalgia for those times when I used to ride around my parents estate bunny hopping off every curb in sight. Anyway everything (lierally including the decals) that you see in the pictures attached is original and from this bike apart from: Tyres - sourced NOS CompIIIs Grips - are new DiamondBack ones and aren't right but work well with the MX brakes Spokes - sourced NOS from eBay Inner Tubes - new replacements In terms of the rebuild tips I can give...what works?: For Chrome: Back of silver foil, scruched and mixed with half Coca Cola and half Fairy Liquid - Amazing rusults considering the frame was brown when I started For Everything Else (including original but hardened brake blocks): Get a Dremmel with medium and soft wire polishers and don't be afraid of the wife telling you to "re-polish the kitchen table when you finish" What doesn't work?......Wire brush on original spokes!...makes a mess and doesn't get you anywhere (apart from more trouble with the wife). The intent for this bike is for it to be ridden and I've already been down to the local "skatepark" with my own kids......and have decided that a dawn raid would be more appropriate than a middle of the day session.....given that I can't smoke as much as the 14 yr olds I encountered on the recce!. Best Wishes RSVP