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  1. Listing my 30th Anniversary Haro Freestyler f/f for sale. Has been in storage for 4 or so years and needs a loving home. This frame was not part of the production run of 300 back in 2012 hence why, it is stamped 'TT AF' only. The raw frame was stored in the rafters of Johnny Severin's workshop (Johnny True Torch) along with 1 or 2 others and they kindly sold it to me after I enquired if they would ever do another run as I wasn't in the position to buy one when they were initially released. They also confirmed these will never be released again and also confirmed by John Buultjens (Scottish John) at Haro. I have paired the frame with a Johnny Chopper Bottema stamped 'JC15' and had always intended to build it in the skatepark style. Both frame and fork were chromed in VIC as a set. The decals are factory, purchased from Dom Phipps who was the project manager of this tribute release. I will also include a blue, black and red Bottema set of decals for the fork. I also have a killer set of original (2nd gen) Vector bars, retro skyway tuffs and a few other bits of interest if and when the f/f sell. Thank you for looking. $1150 posted ozwide.
  2. Long time no post folks... This is the last remaining kit in my collection. Was a grail build intended to wrap up the hobby. Getting into cars with my son now and in need of some funds for something that has come up. The frame set has been in storage for 4 or so years and the parts I have collected along the way. The frame was not stamped (no serial) and was stored in the roof of Johnny Severin's worksop aka Johnny True Torch until I persuaded them to sell it to me 4 or so years ago. It was one of the few leftovers. I had it chromed in VIC and the decals are from Dom Phipps. Frame has never been assembled. I have paired it with a Johnny Chopper Bottema and had always intended to build it this way. The bars are the very rare '2nd gen' Bob Haro Vector bars. Profile or VDC made? There is a ding near the headbolt but and some plate rub on the front but they are seriously sweet. The tuffs are uninstalled 82 retro Skyaways released 5 or so years ago now with the NOS alloy hubs with the rear being 'graphite'. 9/16 MKS Grafight pedals in good nic and spin well. Redline dual pinch flights in great nic too. New BB with 2 sets of bearings included. Also have the spindle with the flush mount crank bolts. New blue MX seat. New fat / thin Panaracer Snakebelly tyre combo. New AME tris with Flite donuts. Last pic is how I intended it to look when done. All you need is brake set and seat clamp!! Have a Tuf Neck 44T sprocket and a KMC chain to throw in too. Would love this to go as a package. $2600 pickup SYD. Can drop within 20km radius of the CBD. Thanks for looking.
  3. Gday OZBMX Grubs Got a miniscoot for sale - also have pad to include in sale but its not in pics. stamped M6-K9591 very original, overall good condition, only missing rear brake SAKAE spin tech giro 14" Tuffs prefer pick up at Mermaid beach (Gold Coast) or Ina-LA (Brisbane) will post at buyers expense but i reckon i will be around $80 $280
  4. Hi guys, I am selling my box collection. I have just moved here from New Zealand where my collection is located. Due to the small market in NZ I thought I would offer them for sale over here in Australia and ship them all over. They can be purchased individually or as a set. I am asking $12,000 for the complete set of 13 bikes. Not all bike are complete, most just missing some small parts etc, about 8 of them are complete. 1985 Skyway Street Beat x 3 Hutch Trickstar x 1 Dyno Detour x 2 GT performer 1987 x 2 Redline RL20A x 2 Haro freestyler frame x 1 Skyway 300TA frame x 1 Diamond Back viper Frame x 1
  5. Hotfoot Freestlyer Frame AND Fork combo. OK folks, a rarer piece in the Hotofoot world..... Confirmed by a few Hotfoot guru's only around 10 of these are known to exist in Australia. Original paint is scratched/scraped and/or lifting from use & neglext. Surface rust in the bare areas, i'm not hiding anything here, it's "as is" for a restore project. Frame also comes wiht original "standing gear-styled" forks, sadly has a stem quill still stuck in the steerer tube... As for the fork thread, i managed to screw on a tange headset cone-nut almost the entire length of the thread, it stiffens at the very bottom but it would never go that far in a bike with the bearing cups/cones taking up the space. The thread has 2-3 firm spots in the top5-10mm, but i only screwed the nut on by hand with a towell without too much effort..... Surprising the thread looks like nothing would ever screw on it, but after the first 10mm the nut then spins freely until reaching the lowest part of the thread. That being said, there's still the issue of removing the stem-quill.....while i'm sure it will pop out with an oxy to give it serious treatment, i would tend to consider getting the steerer tube replaced by a service like "Grip Sport" anyway. Pix tell a whole lot, open to questions via PM if needed. $300. FREE Post Auswide, or Pickup in Doncaster East, Victoria. The End...
  6. Hi everybody, managed to hurt my neck so off work, so doing heaps of internet surfing to fill in time and came across this site which looks awesome, will be doing plenty of reading:) Anyway the name is Rich and I live near Freo (Fremantle) in Western Australia and have been here for nearly 3 years and love it here, lived all over in the UK but mainly around North Yorkshire, I rode for the Scarborough Freestyle Team from about 1981 -1985 and had loads of fun traveling around, I had the nickname of Killer due to my surname and was known by that more than my real name ! I'm really into my sport scars and motorbikes and am restoring a mk firebird freestyler as a bit of an incentive to lose some weight, if that plan fails then it'll be a bit of garage art lol! Just waiting for a haro seat to turn up and a padset, any way may see some of you around, cheers Rich