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Found 9 results

  1. Hi there, browsed the forum a fair few times and decided to just make my own account My name is Phoebe, I was Wes Marshall's partner, and as many of you know he passed away almost 5 years ago now. He was known on the forum as rotah. There are so many kind things written about him here, it bought tears to my eyes reading them. Anyway i've joined the forum looking for some help. I have a few bikes that i'm ready to sell but i don't know what to write about them or even what they're worth. I also thought there might be someone here who'd be interested in wes' bikes. The bikes are (to the best of my knowledge): a 21" S&M Cardona race bmx. super light weight, raw finish frame. a 79' mongoose motomag. Wheels, crank and pedals, and brakes were all unfortunately stolen off this bike. This was the bike wes used to race in the old school class with the icecream lid race plate. The ice cream lid is indeed still attached to this bike. a rebuilt rampar/raleigh with yellow skyway tuffs (he wrote about this build on the forum a bit) a 24" norco...think he said it was a norco 250 but i'm not sure. This has hydraulic forks, shimano disk brakes, and a profile crankset. I'm keeping my haro and would've loved to keep the orion however someone stole that and sold it on gumtree a few months ago. If anyone on the forum purchased a blue and white 88' Orion freestyler with white skyway tuffs OR if anyone knows of someone who did, please pm me. I'm desperately trying to hunt this bike down! Hope this post isn't too long! cheers guys.
  2. Is this a regular size DK stem or a small size stem. I don't know much about them, but from the research I don't think it's a n XL. Any help would be great.
  3. Hi everybody! I am a newbie from Melbourne and after many years of nagging my sister she finally sold me her old Torker Kickback! Now that I finally have it I'm divided on what to do with it. I was originally thinking of doing a ground up, fresh out the box restoration but after seeing a few custom killer Kickback/ Vagabonds on here I'm torn. It really comes down to how much of my kickback is original so I have added some photos and was hoping that you guys could help share some information about the Torker kickback and what parts they had fitted fresh out the factory. Just by having a look over it the parts on it are: Rims - Rhyno Sun Rims Rear Brake - Dis compe ad990 Front Brake - ? Handle Bars - PZ company Crank Plate - ? Brake Levers - Tektro Pedals - VP550 Crank - ? Seat Post - ? Pegs - ? Grips? The seat is a generic gel seat and the tyres are GT Any information you guys have will be much appreciated! Cheers
  4. Hi Guys, Just want to know if anyone know what brand or bike these bars are from. They have an elaborate W and CR-MO stamp. Much appreciated. B
  5. This shop screwed me over! I think my mistake was telling them I hadn't touched a bmx in 25 years. I asked them to get my bike going...... The rear v brake was not working. They told me the tuffs I bought and fitted had the in correct spacers and the chain supplied was wrong size. After a month at their shop with no progress, I picked it back up. I asked them why nothing had been done and they replied, "We ordered the wrong spacers and uno, the christmas rush" Pathetic! The chain fitted perfect. I asked another bike shop about spacers and they fixed the prob on the spot with washers! I had bought a new v brake system from bmx mad minus lever (bike come with lever) from them which I decided to install myself. After fitting it there was play in lever before brake engaged. I took it to bike workshop in ringwood and they instantly told me I had the wrong lever for v brake! Why the supposed"bmx professionals" @bmx mad could not tell me any of this, I don't know? I think they just wanted my money! I am really annoyed with myself for not discovering this site before going there. It would've saved me time, money and mental anguish! I have learned alot in the last 2 months and the only thing I learned from them is to never go back to them! Peace to all in these forums, yooz rock!
  6. Needing help/assistance bringing a frameset from the US....let me know if you can help? Thanks John
  7. Hi to all OzBMX bike members. My name is John and i am from Melbourne. Back in the day when i was younger, i used to ride a fair bit, but then i got my licence and rarely jumped on a pushie from there on. That was around 18 years ago lol. Anyway, whilst cleaning out the shed i came across my old Torker BMX that i had from the late 80s early 90s. I am considering restoring the bike and want to know if its worth it or if i should just sell it and let an enthusiast do it. The serial number which is TS8089525 (located underside crank) and from memory it used to be Black and Pink at some stage. According to the serial number the bike should be a November 1979 build, but looking at the frame that i have and comparing it to 1979 Torker frames, it looks different. I have attached a few pics of the bike as reference. If anyone can shed some light on what it is and what its worth that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks In Advance. John
  8. Hi all, Hoping someone out there can help me? Its kinda embarrassing as I have build quite a few bikes, but only old and mid school. I ended up with an incomplete (i.e. gyro removed) 2001 Mongoose sniper in a parts lot job and thought that I would build it up for my nephew as a love job.... well its turning to a hate job. The frame headset has a welded in lower gyro housing; an A HEASDSET (which is quite wide) then about a 10-15mm of space then the stem which clamps onto the forks like all the new bmx's then there's a threaded section for the top securing nut First i thought id use one of my 10 gyros hanging around but they are all 1" so I bought a new 1 1/8" set up. This still doesn't work as the bearing cup just fits over the A HEADSET and the top gyro housing doesn't fit over the forks. Can someone please tell me how the hell these were set up? Bikepedia says it had the SST ORYG gyro which I bought but its not making sense... I want to finish this build and get back to my Haro Sport, GT Aggressor and Supergoose builds...
  9. Hi i'm Cassie, from Perth Western Australia. Im 18 and looking at getting into bmx racing. I was just wondering where the best place to get a bike from and how to set it up. I've basically got all the riding gear, since i used to do motocross, all i need is a bike, and a bit of help to get started Cheers