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  1. Morning all, I'd like to share a few pics of yesterday's find. A 1997 Eastern Commando. Its a total tank, probably weighs more than i do. But hell is it awesome. See photos below. It's a pretty special bike. I believe it's one of the early models for Eastern Bikes when first started. I want to confirm the build date, but this one looks like it was No.2 off the production line. I have no idea if any of the parts are stock, if anyone can help it'd be much appreciated. B
  2. So if there is one thing I have noticed while researching Hoffman Bikes is that decals for certain models are no where to be found. Ramp room Flash seems to be a big one, and personally I have found anything post 2003 difficult to find (I'd love to rebuild my 2004 Hoffman Rhythm that I flogged for years). Lately I have noticed that whoever is running social media for Hoffman has been interacting with the public and I guess reminiscing on some old models haha. I contacted them through Facebook for a paint code for an old model and they linked me directly to the Taiwanese website they had their paints supplied from... then today I seen this I wonder if they have some old designs sitting around for stickers that they could release... Hey, a retro anniversary edition of the Big Daddy, like the 2012 Condor would be cool, but I can dream.
  3. Got back into all things BMX restoring/building a Hoffman EK (my grail mid-school bike) as a carpet Queen, then built myself a Skyway TA 24" cruiser/rider and suddenly found myself with 3 potential old-school builds on the boil that I would probably never ride ... so was really keen on a new-school rider build that I might be able to attempt some of the old moves on. Maybe even a few new ones. Being originally from the UK and having become slightly Hoffman-obsessed I decided I wanted one of these Ben Hennon signature Lady Luck frames. I really liked the decal scheme, how light they were, how cool they looked. But it was impossible to get hold of one here in Australia, so I found a clear coated one on AceBMX in the U.S. and paid the $$ to have it shipped. I opted for Hoffman Bama (Seth Kimbrough signature) forks and then slowly set about building the rest of it with a preference towards Demolition components. Here's how it ended up. At the moment it's got a set of blue Weinemann rims on it that I had lying around, which do the job but will eventually change these once these get bashed-up. I've also replaced the cool blue Tioga Spyder Pivotal Seat with a much more leg-and-ass friendly Hoffman Black-Ops padded pivotal. Also, it turns out this is either a fairly rare frame or no-body else wants one because BMX Museum had to create a new 'Model' indexing thingo on the site to accommodate my bike. It's still the only one on there a couple of months later. So either: a ... everyone thinks it's a s**t frame or b ... Hennon's rep on the BMX scene means no-one wants to ride his signature frame. This extract from an article about him in a UK magazine might explain why: "Ben is an outspoken and intimidating personality [he] has experienced popularity and rejection in equal measure. For a time his interaction with the majority of the UK scene could be summed up in a single word – hate. Dressed all in black and flipping off the crowd, he was the pantomime villain ... credible sponsors ignored him, he was an outsider, an outcast." I actually liked the sound of him. Anyway, I'm stoked at this little BMX project. it's nice and light, which is helping me get some of the moves back from yesteryear (and pull off a 360 for the first time ever at 44-years of age ... I was way too weedy to do 'em as a 15 year old on my beloved DB Pro-Star) and I've given it a go at the local skate-park and it's manoeuvrability is awesome. Here are the details: Hoffman Bama BarsHoffman late-90s StemDemolition V2 Integrated HeadsetHoffman GripsProfile CranksTree HT Spline-Drive SprocketDemolition Mid-BBDemolition Trooper PC PedalsDemolition Rear BrakeDia-Compe Tech-77 LeverWeinemann RimsCult Dehart TyresTioga Spyder Pivotal SeatDemolition Seat-post Thanks for looking fellas.
  4. Afternoon boys. With a slight obsession for Hoffman Bikes and some spare parts lying around I sort of might have accidentally bought this frame off the bay - a HOFFMAN EP PRO, 2002 model (the wife doesn't know yet). I'm sure I read somewhere that this EP Pro frame is exactly the same as the HOFFMAN EVEL KNIEVEL LIMITED EDITION Frame. But I can't for the life of me find where I read it. Anyone out there any more enlightened than me? Here is a pic of the same EP Pro built-up: And here is my EK Limited Edition frame before I had it re-powdered and built it up: The frame looks identical to me ... but I could be wrong (I frequently am). Any intel would be much appreciated chaps.