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Found 2 results

  1. Dibs Rules, Speedy payment required please and thankyou. Paypal preferred as family/friend (yes i am trustworthy) but can do DD. PM contact for payment details. Postage included in sale price from WA. 1.) Diamond Back Sugino HLT Stem. In outstanding condition, polished for show. No hammer marks, gouges or cracks. This is the best non chromed turbo stem i've seen. Some extremely small scratches are around but not that noticeable. Stem shaft has peel, but been coated to prevent further rusting. $240 posted. 2.) Araya 7X rims with Low Flange Suzue hubs. In seriously good condition for age, shows minimal brake rub, both rims spin 98% straight with no hops. Looseball Suzue L/F hubs stamped OF (June 1980), still spin smooth. Some minor scratches here and there but overall a nice set of rims. I had them on a show build, they present that well. $260 posted. 3.) Redline Flight 'Bubble Font' Chain Ring 46T. Highly sought after bubble font Redline Flight 401 Chain Ring 46T. In very good condition for age, hasn't seen much use. Teeth are still ace with nearly no wear. Suited for the 19mm spindle. Been lightly polished, still shows minor scratches and some pitting. Will polish up for show very well. $140 posted. 4.) Mitsuboshi Comp 3 'grey label' 20 x 1.75 set. These have NEVER been ridden, but shuffled about on a couple of show builds. Perfect tread. super soft. no cracks or rot. These are great tires, could do with a little wipe over to get some scuffs and dirt off. $100 posted. 5.) Suntour XC-II pedals 9/16. Nice set of sought after Suntour pedals. Have after market custom cages. Lightly polished, some small scratches here and there. Pedal spindles are nice and they spin smooth. Great for a rider, or if you're not fussed get the cages reannoed and put them on your show build. $120 posted.
  2. Couple of things to unload, not being used so passing them on. Dibs Rules, Speedy payment required please and thankyou. Paypal preferred but can do DD. PM contact for payment details. Postage included in sale price from WA. 1.) Tange Seatclamp. Silver anno with red repro decal and non OG bolt and nut. Good for a rider or get it reannoed or strip and polish. $65 posted. 2.) DK Double Clamp. Dual Bolt, show bike fitted only with repro decals. Looks ace!! Perfect for your show build in rich blue anno. $75 posted. 3.) NOS Sugino Power Disc. Unused sugino disc but has shop wear/scratches and some minor spots of chrome peel. Strip and polish or get annoed for a super build ... or perfect for your neat survivor build. $85 posted. 4.) Sugino Maxy Cross Cranks with caps. Chrome finish in above average condition. 170mm stamped A-12 (Dec 1981). Threads and tapers all good, perfect for your neat survivor or polish up for a show build. They do present quite well. $155 posted. 5.) Mitsuboshi Comp III 26 x 1.75 tires. Rare tire size in good slightly used condition. Side walls are still very good and the rubber still soft. Does however have the signs of some minor cracking in the tread, nothing big but worth mentioning. Good tires for show or stick them on your Kos and cruise them. $265 posted.