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  1. The second 1984 Raleigh Magnum I purchased in 2016. This one was the rougher of the two. Original seat, seat post, seat post clamp and head stem. New decals, paint and a few other bits including some old school IRC comp 3 tyres.
  2. Cyclops 26" Cruiser 1981

    1981 Cyclops 26" Cruiser. Purchased from the original owner a couple of years ago. It went straight to the pool room.
  3. I've had a crack at restoring old school vinyl pads a couple times now. Thought I'd start a thread on it. I'd love to hear your technique and what works for you. Sounds pretty obvious, but rusted together snaps come apart very easy with a spray of WD40 and a gentle pry with a flat head screw driver. Next thing is to bring back as much of the original colour as possible. To do this I use acetone, a clean rag and cotton buds. Wet the cotton bud in acetone and carefully wipe around the printed lettering. Get as close to the lettering as possible without touching it. Do not wipe the acetone over any printed area or it will dissolve it and destroy the printing. For the larger areas I use a clean rag and my finger - again being very careful not to touch the printing. The acetone basically strips a fine layer of the vinyl away. So be careful not to keep rubbing away at the same spot. You will eventually have no vinyl left. To clean the printed areas I use Metho and a clean rag. The Metho isn't as strong as acetone, so those areas might not look quite as clean as the other, but its fine on the print. Of course, always try on a small area first - your pads may be different to mine. If the metho leaves a bit of a dull finish, wipe over with mineral turps. Seems to bring back a bit of a shine. Once the vinyl is all clean, it's time to get the rust off the snaps. A 24hr or so bath in a citric acid mix is perfect. Same strength as you'd use for a frame. Rust will wipe away as usual. Once dry the snaps should get a layer of clear coat, use a small art brush rather than spray. If clear coat isn't your thing, use some lanolin spray. Finished product...
  4. Hi all, pretty new to this site. I have a speedwell thruster, my knowledge is pretty crap about this particular bike. It is for sale if anyone is keen. The bike is in original condition. The serial number is TWE865783. I live in Perth Western Australia, please email me if interested Cheers
  5. For Sale, three Old School Lander Headset Locks (used) these are not repo locks but Original UK Lander 80s Old School. Also a Lander Air Flow Race Plate, what you see is what you get. Dibs is Law. Thanks For Looking. Lander Headset Locks (3 lot).................$65.00 AUD posted Lander Race Plate.................................$40.00 AUD posted Samurai
  6. Does anyone know what bike this is.Been stored for 20 years plus on bottom code starts with letter "t"
  7. Hi all, I've recently got a frame and i'm trying to identify it. It feels light weight like a racing BMX. it has a small crank diameter. no serial numbers or makers marks of any kind. The headset is a VORTEX headset the name vortex inside an Australia map logo. there are some similaritys with TEAM VORTEX frames but i have been unable to find the exact match anywhere on the internet. If anybody knows what it is please let me know. thanks in advance...
  8. Hi all, new to the forum so this is my first post. Here it goes... For Sale is my 1988 Haro Invert Frame + Forks in good condition. The photos tell the story, nice and shiny but could do with some cleaning up in the tight spots. I intended on building the bike but just don't have the time and I'm fairly new to the process as well. I think this would look sweet with white Skyways, black tyres and everything else mostly white. Purchased from the US - there are stickers on the frame from the bike shop in New York where it was originally bought which I think is pretty cool. Asking $250 - I'm taking a loss on it so seems like a good price to me. Pickup only from Bondi Junction, Sydney. Feel free to ask any questions. Cheers George
  9. Hi all, Some help here would be very much appreciated... A friend has a Diamondback Joker (we think it's about a 2003 ) that we are hoping to move all the parts off, and onto a Verde Spectrum (2013, specs attached) frame of mine. Besides the difference in bottom bracket (American vs Mid), what other comparability issues are we likely to face? Thanks! Clay
  10. I've really enjoyed building up my personal holy grail old-school BMX just like I wished I owned as a kid. I had a bit of spare cash to throw at my hobby and bought a mint frame set and I splashed out (more than i probably should) on a bunch of NOS must-have parts. In buying mode all I thought about was getting the bike looking better than the 1981 catalogue bike. A couple times I paid to re-finished parts I couldn't get NOS, I just wanted my bike to be perfect. Now it's done, it looks freakin' awesome. Every time I look at it, it takes me back to 1981 as a 12 year old standing in the bike shop, fingers and toes crossed that dad gets this bike. Surely he's seen the drooled over posters plastered all over my bedroom wall, he's heard me talk non-stop about it for weeks. All my mates have this bike, it's the one I want. The total disappointment as I wheeled out my brand new Roadmaster Super Blah will be with me forever. But those days don't matter I built the bike I always wanted. Sure, I made a few tweaks, added a few top spec parts, and it's better than I could have had dreamed of owning. Everyone comments on the photos, doesn't it look the business. But that's not the end of it. I've now built a few bikes I still have my first, of course, I also build up a cruiser with the intention of going for a ride every now and then. Yea right. That old Roadmaster.... I bought one and rebuilt the bike I used to actually own. Again up-specced it with top period parts, at least it's the same colour as the one I used to have. Oh yeah, and I also built another perfect old-school bike 'for the wife', her bike would have been my second choice bike BITD. I tried to add up how much I spent, probably a few thousand dollars on each. A couple of years have passed, the man-cave needs a refurb and I thought i'd try to sell up my collection. I priced my holy grail bike to sell for half the price of what I put into it - one to two thousand, I thought that was fair. But nothing. No one wanted to buy. I put it up on the bay, it sat there for months. I was getting stupid low ball offers that just pissed me off. I have had plenty of offers to part it out, but surely someone wants the bike complete, just how I built it? Couldn't they see the value in it complete? It's amazing. What is their problem? Sorry to say, but this story is actually fictional. It hasn't happened to me yet. But I have a sneaking suspicion that it might have if I hadn't looked at what was going on around me. Listening to others who have done this before me. Through the bikes I build, I am creating dreams, or re-creating them in most cases. There is no market for that. No-one wants to buy another person's dream. Everyone wants their own experience. Unless a complete bike is rare, or cheap enough for the next guy to change, build up, spec up and make their own, it won't sell for what you put in. Take the emotion out and think about it. Who buys complete BMX bikes? None of my bikes are actually rare, there are a few of them around now, just as there were BITD. Sure I can spec mine to the bejesus with awesomeness, but nothing the next guy can't buy. If it's not a rare complete, it's not going to sell to a true collector here on the forum. So, who else buys complete bikes? Dads do.... Dads buy completes for their sons. But they're not interested in spending over a grand, my dad didn't spent that kind of money on me, and most kids today don't want a vintage bike. They want what their friends have, just like i did. Complete old-school BMX's do sell on eBay, the ones that get the most are the untouched barn finds that have sat in a time warp for 30 years. They sell for upwards of a grand, depending on originality and condition. From what I can see there is no market for my expensive, mint condition old-school BMX, complete with the parts only I would have added. Everyone has slightly different taste, and everyone would build their bike slightly different. And basically that's what we do. There is however a huge market for mint old-school parts. I don't have my original bike from BITD, so nothing that needs to be kept and handed down to my son or grand son. I'll be parting out my bikes when the day comes to move them on. Those parts will go on to help create dreams for the next guy. Oh yea, plus I should get my money back easy.
  11. Afternoon Oz, I am trying to find out some more on this stem. It looks like an old school Torker stem except the ones I have seen have a square back. Any ideas? Cheers Brenton
  12. Just saw this, thought I'd share
  13. G'day Guys, Just wondering if someone could help me identify what model Panda my bike is? I thought it might be a 1979 Panda Pacer-1? Cheers.
  14. I was just wondering who still races their old pride and joy??
  15. My dad was digging through some old boxes that have not been opened in years and he found some trophy plates that I won many moons ago. I forgot all about these. Anyone else race in the Gippsland Plate down in Victoria back in the 80's??? These plates are like brand new. He said these is also more which is exciting.
  16. I recently acquired an old mongoose freestyle frame and I'm currently restoring it. From my research I think it's a early 90's mongoose villain?? I'm not sure what it is or what year? I've been searching and I can't find serial numbers anywhere that match my serial number on my bike. Can you guys please help. (my serial number is # U80885010)
  17. 1986 Healing Freestyler - my grail. Healing was Malvern Star's sister company in NZ (they released the Healing SuperMax across the Tasman). This is the build I've been dreaming of ever since I got back into OS BMX. A little background info: I have no tales of track glory, State Champs, trophies or skate park heroics like so many here on OzBMX. My beginnings in BMX were humble, as was the end. I was a country kid, grew up on 1700acres in hill-country NZ, a total tom-boy. I loved mud, tools, Transformers, building stuff, sport, Weetbix and generally being outdoors. I fell in love with BMX when my folks gave me a Healing Freestyler for my 8th birthday in Dec '86. From that point on the bike and I were inseparable. Together with some kids from neighbouring properties we built a killer track in our front paddock and would spend hours and hours on the weekends and after school doing time trials and building mad jumps (and landing in prickle bushes, ponds and various other hazards). I'm pretty sure we had no idea that things called skate parks existed in other parts of the world, we were content, and as long as we could ride, we were free! I spent every moment of my spare time between for the next 5 or 6 years either riding or tinkering with the bike. My poor Mum had a rake permanently at the ready as I made a habit of carving up her lovely pea-gravel drive-way repeatedly, for years, in Guinness World Record breaking attempts at the longest coaster brake skid. Sadly, some time in my teens, I sold the Freestyler to 'upgrade' and join in my friends who had all moved on to MTB. I convinced myself it was a sacrifice I had to make, just part of growing up. BIG IDIOT! :'( Riding just wasn't the same after that. But I guess it takes time to learn that growing up is a foolish aspiration... haha I'm pretty sure that move in the pic below is called the "WTF?" ...and I have no idea what I was thinking with that handlebar gradient (!?)... but how hardcore is that coaster arm swinging free? haha. Looking at the chrome forks, the pic must have been taken after 'the incident' when my Dad reversed over my bike in his old Holden Belmont and irrecoverably bent the OG forks with the threaded peg holes. So <fast forward>... In mid 2011 I started to dream about a Healing Freestyler 're-incarnation' build, a tribute to my OG bike but with some custom additions, some of my favourite freestyle parts from classics like the Streetbeat and the Performer. I started to sketch.... ...scanned in the sketch... ...and, knowing that I wanted to stick with the original white and green colour combo as a base for the build, and that I was prepared to sacrifice the spokey dokies for Tuff IIs, I started to mess around with colour options for wheelset and tyres... ...and settled on this simple yet minty fresh combo: At this point I had no idea how I was going to get hold of frame and forks. Only a limited number were produced BITD (less than 100 as legend has it) and I only new of 6 still in existence, in NZ), I decided to work on the good ol' Field of Dreams theory... 'if you build it, they will come' It's suprising how many things you can 'build' for a build without actually.... building it. I started by putting together my ideal custom parts list: (OG spec in blue, custom additions in red) Frame & forks - 1986 Healing Freestyler, powdered white Bars - Skyway EZ Bars Gen 1, powdered white Grips - AME green CAM grips or green/white F1 style Stem - Forklifter with Pots Mod, green Headset - Tioga MX101, green Bottom Bracket - Odyssey Dynatron 24tpi Wheelset - Sealed Bearing Skyway Tuff II with coaster, white Tyres - Duro Freestyle skinwalls 20x1.75, green Sprocket - Tri-Wing (Performer style) 44t, green Cranks - SR Sakae or Sugino OPC, 165mm, chrome Chain - YBN or KMC 1/8", white Pedals - Wellgo Alloy 1/2", DX style, green Seat - Viscount Dominator, green **integral to the build Seat post - CrMo layback 22.2, powdered white Seat Post clamp - Suntour copy, green Front Brake - Odyssey 980 Freestyler for pott's mod Front Brake Lever - Dia Compe Tech 6, green Brake Cable - Hi-Tech, green Pegs - OG Healing threaded fork pegs (white, lemon squeezer design) ....and moved on to drawing up artwork for a decal set, combining my memory of the colours from my OG bike with specs and measurements garnered from pics of a survivor on the Museum... (with an extra Lix-style sticker for luck, you gotta have wings!) ...then turned my hand to parts acquisition, scouring dark corners of the interwebz, making my way through the list over the next 6 months. I found some killer bargains, a lot of NOS going for less because of shelf wear, which didn't bother me as I was going to be re-finishing most of them in a custom green anyway (except for the Skyway Gen 1 EZ Bars which would be powdered white with f/f). The MX101 headset is one of the coolest of the little mouthfuls of old-school awesomenes that I've ever held in my hands.
  18. Okay everyone, our annual club day, the Maryborough Classic is almost upon us, June 8&9 long weekend. $1200 prize pool for Pro men, $800 pool for Pro Women, more details here: So far starters for the retro are a one owner Kos Kruiser and me on an Se cruiser that I haven't even seen yet! We have just held a hugely successful CQ Championships last weekend, the track is in top condition with some really close racing. Some of the best racing was the 40-45 men, these guys went nuts; in the final there was less than a second between first and third places. Plenty of photos on our Facebook page: Camping, there is even a company up here who will rent you a camp trailer, all set up on site, just unpack; live band Saturday night ( the legendary Swarm) and of course you can stay another might and get into the pub crawl in town after racing on Sunday. Think fancy dress, old pubs and a couple of thousand like minded beer enthusiasts. All welcome to come and race or just have a good time. If you need any more info just ask. regards, Paul T
  19. Don't know if any one is interested but a complete quicksilver helium just came up for sale on gumtree in Gosford NSW......... He's taking offers Good luck all
  20. Hey guys, I accidentally bid on a "old school" bmx on ebay, it was local to me and had no bids when I saw it, bid 99Cents, actually bid 99 dollars :-( Anyway, maybe ive gotton a rare bird, maybe ive just bought a K-Mart Special for an exhorbitant price LOL heres a piccy. Thanks, Rob.
  21. Hey All, Newbie here.. Contacted a mate of yesteryear recently when we got to talking about days of old. The subject came up about working in bike shops. We both had worked in a few. My Mate Chris used to Worked at Kelmscott cycles in the Early to Mid 80's as did I form time to time. He always told me he was going to buy The Kos Kruiser in the shop. Eventually he did buy it and kitted it out quite nicely. I asked him if he still had it to which he replied that it was stolen around teh mid to late eighties. Thinks his brother Phil (dec) may have sold it but i doubted that. Anyhow we went through what we could remeber how the bike was kitted. Kos Kruiser Frame and Fork. Kos Bars KKT MX-20 Stem Blue Blue Kashimax seat and Mongoose post/clamp Blue Araya 7C Rims Shimano Front Hub Blue Tyres were Comp 3 Blue rear hub not sure as he had fitted a10Spd Cluster to the bike. Shimano Derailleur and Lever SHIMANO DX Cranks Adjustable (Red) DX Pedals Colour unsure Brakes were Shimano as well ( Blue we think) Anyway He gave up all hope long ago of ever getting it back. i said I would ask around as i know a few Old school boys.. If it sounds familiar to you let me know, I would expect it is long gone and parted out. Also Keen to get hold of a Rhino III from the 80's. Frame and Forks at this stage but open to suggestions. Cheers JR
  22. Hey guys and gals... I was building up a Hutch Pro Raider however changed my mind when I picker up a NOS never assembled Pro Racer frame. Picked up a set of sweet ACS Z rims Got a nice set of ZapPads Hutch Western Stem Got a nice set of profile cranks off greenxb that are going to look great on it Might put these funky modded Suntour XC on I've picked up a straight set of bars that need re-chroming. Hope you like it...
  23. Before I start: I know these topics have caused a stir recently and yes I have searched around the net a bit myself but I know a lot of peeps here are VERY cluey and can pick a lot of things by eye. I know of some of the parts but not of there origins. Thanks in advance.. I am asking to pick the brains of fellow forum users.. I would like to find info on a bike that I have no idea about as this is not something I normally dabble in but I took a gamble. I am a mid/new school race/dirt jump person and previously sold off everything that was old and not my scene but lately the thought of some older builds intrigue me. 1: I am trying to work out what frame/fork it is ? 2: I am also wondering what bikes some of these parts would have originally been on and there signifigance ? If the frame turns out to be nothing special I might make it look like a new bike anyway, part it out and use the parts on other builds or scrap my ideas all together and sell it all off. The pics will help but here's the run down of a quick visual and probe. Frame/forks: unknown and the serial number under the bottom bracket is 23115380, the forks are stamped "Tange" 1H made in japan. The frame has had a few colours done on it but after some scraping I have found there was chrome backed stickers originally on the frame (cant make out what is on them sadly). It also has flat sections before the drop outs. Bars: big random ones but come with the originals also Brakes/ Lever: unmarked brakes and lever stamped "dia-compe" forged 22 Headset: stamped YST 22.2 Stem: Polygon (gold underneath) Cranks: Stamped "SR" and also has 81, 9, 127 Pedals: blue cagedKKT Lightning Seat: bikeway aero Rims: no idea I also picked up other parts including Ukai rims, Suzue forged hub (front high flange), mint un stamped sealed red anno hubs (f + flip flop rear) and other hubs, forks, bars, sprockets, stems etc.
  24. After a few years of having these limited anniversary models in storage, I finally got around to reassembling them. Neither have ever been riden, but the high quality(sarcasm), sun rims are losing their chrome as normal, which is why most of these models end up wearing tuffs! I will be replacing the rims, or maybe just getting the re-chromed properly, as I do want them keep original. 1 is signed number 192, which is actually serial number FSS4H00008 the other is signed 193, and has the serial number FSS4H00001 - making it the first frame stamped of the line! This one is signed by a lot of pros too: Kagy, Harrington, Guettler, Parslow, Whitton, Miron etc.... The last pics include my 91 Bashguard Haro sport, and my 87 Haro Sport ( which is almost complete )