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  1. There's a heap of individual 'my postie just delivered' topics in different places across the forum. I thought we should have one for everyone can use to share their latest deliveries.
  2. We have added a few new Dia-Compe spare parts to our range, see the image for all the parts we now stock, perfect for when your doing a caliper or lever restoration You can find them all at this link
  3. We just added a heap of new Dia-Compe spare parts to our range, Including 750 Caliper Decals, Springs, Centre Bolt and Side Bolt kitsCable HangersChrome Cone NutsPlastic Bulldogs CapsFreestyle Recess NutsLever Nut, Bolt & Washer kitsQuick ReleasesTensionersYou can checkout our Dia-Compe Spare Parts Page Here >
  4. BMX WORKS NO REASON SALE STARTS NOW - 20% OFF ALL WEEKEND DISCOUNT CODE = MAY20 With over 950 products in stock we are the biggest online BMX parts store in Australia We ship world wide daily with the lowest local and international postage rates around (International Customers should log in to see tax free prices) Sale Finishes Midnight Sunday May 10th 2015
  5. Hi Guys, I apologise in advance for the limited information and may need to provide more as it comes. I am in the process of sourcing a Crisp Junior (frame/fork set only) which I plan to build for my daughter. Once I have it, I will be able to provide more details and am aware that I may not be able to get much assistance until such time as I actually have the frame in my possession. In the interim, my intention is to start building a parts list, so that I can start sourcing them when I can get them at a good price. Any help from those who know what I am trying to build, especially those who either raced in Queensland in the 80s or had kids who raced in QLD in the 80s would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to build a bike that was similar to what was raced back in the mid to late 80s when I raced. I raced a Crisp, but I was about 10 when I started racing whereas my daughter is 2 this Sunday. Now as this bike is for my daughter I am looking to buy items that are new or never used, so am happy to be flexible for something that looks the part, even if not the same brand, etc. I would prefer the same brand were possible. Pedals - Most likely like bear trap pedals - does anyone remember the ones that had the cage on the front and back, but not on the side? Grips - Ame (these will be easy enough) Seat - the tiny white ones that almost all kids used Cranks - Unsure what I used, maybe Shimano Wheels/Rims - Ours were super skinny. My cousin raced for SLA and he had the webbed tubeless tyres and his rims had like an soft arrow shape. Handle bars - the super low bars Sorry for the average description. I have attached a pic (number 55) to give you a bit of an idea of what I am trying to make. Any technical information such as brands, sizes, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Matt Another pic to give you an idea. Thanks, Matt
  6. IT'S ON AGAIN Time to save some $$ on that holiday or upcoming build.... Use the code "BMXNY2014" at during checkout for 20% off every order Checkout our range at
  7. This Thread is going to be dedicated to photos and videos of new school stuff that you come across and want to share. I thought this new frame was awesome check it Animal, Mike Hoder, and 10Deep got together and worked on a one-off ltd bike featuring Animal/Skavenger parts and 10Deep’s signature Tiger Stripe camo. Edwin hooked up with Hoder and his new dog to shoot a bunch of photos of the bike. Keep reading to check out the photos as well as more info on the project. via 10Deep: “We’ve been participating (hanging out?) at the AGENDA tradeshow for several years now… With the show’s recent expansion into the BMX universe, fellow NYC brand ANIMAL joined the frey. Being that we share our home city, model/friend Mike Hoder and the quality of being stand-alone NYC brands, we decided to collaborate on a one-off bike, despite all our usual reservations about collaborating. Wrapped in our signature Tiger Stripe camo, the bike uses a modification of ANIMAL’s M1 tube Skavenger frame, the bike features a custom 10.DEEP knuckle chain stay bridge, brown deadstock grips and a matching custom-upholstered leather cush seat, a piece-by-piece built alternating black-and-gold patterned chain, Tom White tan wall tires, and sidewalls that have been machined down to contrast their black center. The project was a fun, no-brainer. We made one bike. It is not for sale, but you can make us an offer..”
  8. Hi guys A couple of months back, I came across a photo of a KZ-1 restored which reminded me of my older brother's bike back in the 80's. He bought it off some kid for $50 or so back then...and yes, he still has the frame stored away to do up when he gets back from living in the UK! Re-inspired and with an interest regained in old school BMX, I started Googling and WHAM - I had no idea how huge the community is and the interest in the older (and best!) BMX bikes from back then. Just picked myself up a chrome Kuwahara Laserlite KZ-84 (or so my research tells me) and some other bits of kit from some old guy and I am massively keen to do it up. It also came with a pair of OGK Tuffs (in great condition) and shimano DX breaks. When I work out how to post some pics - i will!! Can anyone help with where to buy the pieces I'll need to make her sweet and ride again? I'm in Perth, but of course the net is also an option - any good websites and recommended sellers? I know things like Elina seats are friggin expensive (WTF is with that?) - any tips on where to get them (in blue)? I also need some cranks, chain, tyres (blue), grips (Kuwa lightening bolt in blue if possible), kuwa pads (blue), pedals (blue) kkt's. Ok, so most things in BLUE! Hope I haven't doubled up on info requests too much. Appreciate the help!! Cheers all Bombus