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Found 11 results

  1. This is a dibs sale , all items include postage from WA , DD or PP don't mind either , dibs them pm for details please . Due to work , items will be posted on Saturdays , if i finish early they will be posted asap . Dibs usually means you can pay . Posted with tracking number and sign for to your door .... 1 / Peregrine 48's double wall , re-ferbed by Benny with new spokes and nipples and decals , spin true no hops and hardly used with Peregrine nuts price $485 2/ Haro fluted post og condition $65 3/ Fusion double clamp with Peregrine sticker , very nice condition $60 4 / Dia Compe nippon , 990 and 128 levers , og condition , please notice the left lever has been cut , doesn't compromise performance dated 87 ............. $185 5/ Peregrine 9/16 pedals good condition og , $95 6/ Peregrine seat very clean condition , don't see these too often , $120 7/ 90's Redline flight double pinch in black all og , will come with a blue Profile bb and the og ring , all hardware intact $165 8/ Peregrine Q1.5 bars , og condition but look to have been cut og decal would clean up nice ... $150 If I don't reply straight away , don't worry i'll be here on and off , and ALL prices include postage .Thanks for your time
  2. I have been researching easy ways to breathe new life into some very damaged yet awesome old school and early mid school alloy chainwheels. Most of the ones that come off bikes I purchase are well used with a ton of scratches and wear with faded or practically non-existent screen printed graphics. A very challenging part to restore. Here are my attempts - if you have any photos of chainwheels you have restored or are attempting, share them here.
  3. Morning all, I'd like to share a few pics of yesterday's find. A 1997 Eastern Commando. Its a total tank, probably weighs more than i do. But hell is it awesome. See photos below. It's a pretty special bike. I believe it's one of the early models for Eastern Bikes when first started. I want to confirm the build date, but this one looks like it was No.2 off the production line. I have no idea if any of the parts are stock, if anyone can help it'd be much appreciated. B
  4. Dibs and its yours , payment via paypal or dd don't mind either up to you BUT payment within 24 hrs please . Due to work , items will be posted friday or saturday . Posting from Perth WA and postage is included in the price . Will listen to 2nd dibs if non payment PM for payment details after dibs ........Pretty easy really hey 1/ Peregrine stem with Peregrine rotor with S&M brake tabs and Snafu cables , as a whole , will not split ! I have left it on the bike for photos very nice condition and works very well , stem was nos before mounting ..............price $260 2/ Haro Group 1 stem , bought from here , was going to use it , so asking what i paid price $130 3 Dyno stem , again bought from here , not used so asking what i paid price $30 4/ Hutch ladder bars , from the Hutch web site , used and NOT og 80's bit of rust where the grips go price $100 5 / Hutch 2 in 1 used $ 140 6/ chrome brass 16mm nips $20 7/ Sugino opc 175 pretty nice condition $40 7/ DC hangers x2 $10 each 8/ Sugino spider $40 9/ Koolstop pads strange colour tan ... $10 10/ SR stem nice condition BUT please note the shaft is bend , doesn't affect operation .....$40 Thanks for stopping by , think the price is out , give me a shout , but this is a dibs sale
  5. I have an 87 Kuwahara Bravo Team I've owned since new & I need to get cranks to replace the 1 piece thats on it now. I cracked the original Peregrine cranks not long after i bought the bike. I've been looking at putting new Redline on it? They look much the same to me. Can someone tell the difference? Cheers, Jason...
  6. Any body have a need for Custom Reproduction Peregrine Decals? $100 per set. The price might seem steep... But, they cost an arm and a leg to make and you wont find better.
  7. Dibs and paypal to Im located at Malaysia Delivery 18 ~ 25 days arrival your doorstep After shipped will updaye the tracking number for u Thanks KUWAHARA Freestyle bar used & rechrome AUD 380.00 shipped PEREGRINE Q-bar 1.5 used & re-powder coat black AUD 300.00 shipped HARO blade bar ( used ) AUD 250.00 shipped HARO krayton grip ( nos ) AUD 90.00 shipped SUNTOUR seal-bearing 36H front hub only ( nos ) AUD 85.00 shipped
  8. OK, I have some decals that are surplus to my needs. 1. DK General Lee. I have 3 sets of these and they are repop. $40each posted. (please note, only one set of blue 01 stickers included) ​ 2. Haro Sport. Repop, I have made these off other scans and pics from the net. I have no idea how close they are to correct as I cant get my hands on a set or a bike that has them intact. $50 posted (one set only). ​ 3. Haro Diet Sport. I believe these are NOS, I only purchased them to repop them myself. After what I paid which is $38 posted. Please note one of the fusion decals was folded in the pack when I received them. ​ 4. Peregrine decals, these suit Q2 bars, Repop and I have 3 sets in each color. $20 posted each (you get the falcon and the large text) 5. Haro Bikes head tube decal. These are also repop, The H is clear, the other text is white. $10 each posted and I actually have 6 of these. 6. Fusion decals, repop. $10 posted. 7. Haro bar decals red and a goldy yellow color. $10 posted. 8. Haro H logos. 2 on purple and 2 on grey, take them all for $15 posted or make me an offer on individuals. ​ 9. Peregrine HP48 Rim decals. Repop but not by me, I just purchased them to scan them. One is damaged. $8 posted. 10. Fusion hub decals, includes the Sansin sealed system hub decal. $20 posted. 11. Fusion RC3 decals. Need to have a hole punched/cut when you apply them for the spoke hole. $8 posted 2 sets available. 12. Fusion decals white $15 posted. 13. Fusion decals black $10 posted. 14. Haro bikes bar decals green and white, $10 posted. ​ If you think I'm off on pricing, I'm happy to talk via PM. Pickup OK from St Kida swappy in October if you can wait that long or Shepparton if you're in the area, PP DD or Cash, I don't care. Talk crap in the thread if you like, I don't mind that either
  9. been watching ozbmx for the past month and its really slowed down on the for sale section, i guess more people in the hobby holding on to things. well here goes
  10. Hello OzBMX land. Been meaning to join up for ages and finally taken the plunge. My wife thinks i am quite mad doing up old pushies but thats cause she just doesn't understand. I am a 38 year young guy from Woodford Qld I grew up in the height of freestyle in the mid to late eighties so my passion lies in the Dyno's, GT's, Diamond Backs and Haro's of that era like the bashguard sports etc. I currently have two bikes on the go. A Haro Master copy (84 lookalike) and a Diamond Back tailwhip both of which i found in a pile of scap steel at my local dump....SCORE!!! But my holy grail (please don't laugh at me) is a Peregrine Expert. It was a christmas present from my folks back in 88. It was the black one with the silver flecks over the top. They decked it out with white Skyways and a set of Odyssey Flying Wedges to top it off! Bottom of the range freestyler but i regret to this day selling it after i got into high school and discovered girls and mountain bikes. Anyway hope to chat with some local dudes and sell/swap/buy parts and trade tips etc. Cheers Stu
  11. Hi, there, I'm billy handy junior. Great website!!!! I'm a big fan of Haro from 96-2005 and 90's S&M. I'm looking forward to hanging out up here, learning, respecting and having fun!!! Here is a link to some of my bikes: Regards, bhjr