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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all, I recently acquired a Chrome frame which I think is a Redline. I've been told it's a 1981. It has an odyssey sticker on the head tube, but it looks like a Redline frame except for the drop outs. Does any one have any more information about this bike? Is it worth restoring? What's it worth as is? Thanks.
  2. 95 Proline frame, all cromo, 21" tt, 1 1/8" head tube. Thread less Redline 96 tapered forks. First of the v brakes. Comes with Tioga "Alchemy" headset and V brakes. OG decals could be better. Chrome is slightly thin at head tube, seat tube and BB junctions as can be seen in pics. Small crack at weld on RH brake post, still works fine. $250 posted in Aus. DD preferred. Add $10 pp fees. Redline mirco adjust seat post. 25.4mm. 14" long. Steel. Thick and very strong. Some marks in chrome as seen in pics. $50 posted in Aus. Redline "Stealth" 6 bolt alloy head stem. 1 1/8". As new, un-marked. $60 posted in Aus.
  3. GumTree Ad: Redline 700SL BMX 1990 for Sale $1200 This was the proline model for 1990, it is in rare graphite and red colour scheme. It is in good condition with some new parts, the paint is in original condition with some scraches, but the frame has no dings. Freshly assembled - never ridden! Was a keeper but I need it sold to pay for car repiars. There is one for sale on the BMX museum for US$1800.. get a bargain on this collectable - not many made, it took me years to find it in this colour. Parts List: Frame & Forks: Redline 700SL 1990 20" Top Tube Full CroMo - Red/Graphite colour - Imported from USA Bars: Brand New 8.75" Rise CroMo 29" wide Pro Bars Stem: Redline 1" Seat: Original Redline Studded seat (By Velo Model 275) Seat Post: Brand new S bend chrome Seat Pole clamp: NOS Oddessey Posi Stop Brakes: Oddyessy Pitbull brakes - Original, Brake Lever: Dia Compe MX101 - to be installed prior to delivery. Cranks: Oddessey Cromo - 175mm Chain Wheel: NOS Sugino 41T - Alloy Chain: Brand new KMC Silver Pedals: Brand new VP BearTraps - Alloy. Wheels:20" Alloy Rims, 3/8" axles Tires: Brand new Comp 3 replicas with Skinwall by Kenda 1.75 Feel free to contact me via email, pick up is from Newtown NSW, I can assist in shipping to other Australian States.
  4. Proline II complete for sale $2800. Payment on pickup preferred. DD or Paypal if you pay the $85 fees. PM any questions. Inspection welcome and advised. Will be at Knox Show and Shine, 7th November. Will courier at your expense from Carrum Downs, Vic. Dibs then pm for pickup/payment details. Serial is 355258, which I believe is a 81/82 USA built Proline. - OG chrome frame, no dents or repairs. Some thinning (hard to show) and slight pitting as seen in pics. Not OG decals. Very nice chrome for age. RH lower seat stay has been "modified" by previous owner for additional freewheel clearance? as seen in pics. - forks not OG to frame, possibly 83. Rare brased dropouts, so could be earlier. Some thread damage on fork. Does not effect MX headset. - rechromed 28" oval logo Redline V bars. (great chrome, logo is thin) Mach grips. - polished brute stem. no damage. - Dia-compe tech 4 mx lever, stamped 84 - Dia-compe mx 900 rear with centraliser. stamped 10/81 - Ukai rims with Suzue high flanged hubs, SS spokes. By Benny. - Fat/Skinny comp III "yellow label" skin wall tyres. - 16 tooth chrome Suntour freewheel. - Izumi chain - rechromed single pinch, full wrap 177mm flights. Some chrome peel at pedal bosses. As seen in pics. - Double dimple spindle with repro Techmatic sealed bearing BB. - 42 tooth Bubble font chain wheel. - Suntour XC II pedals with red anno custom cages. - Suntour seat clamp - Repro Kashimax aero seat with K.S.M. stamped seat guts. - Repro Hicks padset
  5. DC BMX Seatclamp Near-Nos/shopsoiled - BLUE Seatclamp is ex Shop stock, unused. $50. FREE post Auswide, or Pickup in Doncaster East, Victoria. TUF NECK - Original Gold - Used Survivor Overall great shape with small dings, colour fade and surface rust on bolts etc. Use as-is, or restore it to showroom spec. $200. FREE post Auswide, or Pickup in Doncaster East, Victoria. Tuf Neck 2000 headstem - Blue - Used. Here's a unique Tuf NEck 2000 "3-bolt" round stem. It's quite clean all over and deep blue (no fading). However, the main quill-bolt has snapped just inside the stem, so it'll need to be worked out. I'm throwing in a spare Master bolt (NOS), but also note it has an off-centre hole at the top. Not that you really notice with the stem bolt fitted. $100. FREE post Auswide, or Pickup in Doncaster East, Victoria. VECTOR USA "V" handlebars These are 27.0" wide cruiser handlbars. Very clean all over, original chrome, but scratched-up sticker was removed years ago. These have been on a bike, some markings on chrome (personally i'd rechrome them for show) No rust or dings etc etc. The stem bolt is a hollow freestyle bolt, not sure if thats the original part or not? Re-chrome the hollow stembolt, or fit a new one for show. $100. FREE post Auswide, or Pickup in Doncaster East, Victoria. REDLINE Proline Handlebars - Original Blue - Used Survivor Overall great shape with small some headstem markings/paint chips and brake-lever scratches etc. Original paint, with faded redline sticker etc. Use as-is, or restore it to showroom spec. $100. FREE post Auswide, or Pickup in Doncaster East, Victoria. TANGE TX1200 Forks - 1980 - Original Chrome - Used Survivor Stamped "OB" = Feb, 1980. Overall great shape, but the chrome is freckling/lifting mainly on the rear of the legs.... Usual rust in tight areas as usual. Fork thread is OK (tested), the fork nut has 2-3 firm turns about 1cm from the top, then it continues freely to the bottom, which is somewhat below where it would go to when fitted. Use as-is, or restore it to showroom spec. $60. FREE post Auswide, or Pickup in Doncaster East, Victoria. RALEIGH Rampar 400 Forks - Original Black - Shop soiled/unused. These were NEW from shop stock when i got them, but they now have rust coming thru the paint etc. Never mounted on a bike, they were unsold stock with shelfwear, and nowadays worse for wear. Fork thread is OK (tested) along the entire thread. $60. FREE post Auswide, or Pickup in Doncaster East, Victoria. HOTFOOT 24 velro padsets (Repro from UK) Here's 2 sets of reproduction Repco "Hotfoot 24" padsets to suit the 24inch cruisers. Choice of Gold text on black material, or White text on black material. These are mint new and still in sealed bags from when they came from the UK pad dude. I never opened them because i sold my Hotfoot 24's by the time the pads arrived. pics tell the story $80/set. - FREE post Auswide, or Pickup in Doncaster East, Victoria. BMX car rego plate - decorative item This is a novelty "actual-size" number plate for the BMX fan. It's professionally made with the same reflective white backing as real rego plates, also includes the typical green border as used on Victorian plates back in the 'garden state' era. Very clean and an ideal addition to the mancave/bmx museum. pics tell the story $60. FREE post Auswide, or Pickup in Doncaster East, Victoria. The end ...
  6. It took me around 3 Years of delivering the Local Paper at about $13.50 per 100 to finally save up enough money to buy this back in 1995. To me, it was worth EVERY bit of Random Abuse from angry Home Owners and Pesky Blue Cattle Dog close encounters! After emailing every guy on the Museum to see if any of them was interested in selling, luckily enough I managed to secure this dated 94 Redline Proline Frame and Forks with 6 Bolt Stem and A Headset! It looked to be the best one on their by chance! When it arrived, I swear it seemed in better nick than mine was when it was pinched 2 yrs after I bought it! Ive spent the arvo fitting some 990 Cantilevers, Redline Double Pinch 3 pc Cranks fitted with Demolition Pedals and some New School Tree Bars. i've got some Forklifters on the way so I'm tossing up whether to rechrome them or Powder em Black as I'm not too sure of their condition. Im kinda digging the Chrome and Black theme with a splash of Red Anno. Kinda not happy with the Pedals either. Black Platforms are the way but I'm gonna look out for something a bit more Deadly. Wheels? Well I'm wrestling with the idea of some Black Skyways but after seeing some of Benny's High Flange Black Araya's (Copy's) up for Sale, I kinda caved. That'll be next weekends add ons.
  7. My Daily Redline 720SLX 1991 20.75" Top Tube, Forklifters, pitbulls, stealth stem and RL Velo 275 studded seat.. show us your early 90's ride!
  8. I had to get the Redlines down off the wall to swap around some bars and seats and grips etc as I got some more Redline and STR stamped bars and another lightning bolt seat... So I thought I'd get some 'family photos' whilst they were down.. Just some quick shots from the iPad (as I was losing the sunlight fast), but came out ok I think... Cheers Scotty
  9. Today I fell in love with my rider again. All it took was the addition of some rather beat up Ukai Speedlines to make it happen. The wheels are the product of some purchases I've made from guys who think 'very good rider condition' means the same thing as 'smacked against a kerb, then stomped on a few times'. Both the hubs and rims were pretty rough, but the anno was still good so I laced them up. At a distance they looked OK, so I bolted them on. Bang! That was exactly what she needed. Much tweaking with the spoke tool got a fair amount of the buckle out of the wheels. Hopefully there's someone at the St Kilda swappy on Sunday who might be able to polish the turd a little further...
  10. Hi all, Trying to date a Redline Proline Cruiser 24 inch that a friend has, and i'm trying to buy, Its has serial Number "RMCL 601961". Can anyone shed any light on production period, and where it was made. After looking at pics on the museum, I found plenty of 89 to 92 vintage 20"s with very similar paint schemes, I really want this, (along with the helium) get my collection started, but I dont want to pay to much.