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Found 5 results

  1. I was given this frame many years ago and since then it has been sitting in a shed, i believe its a Raleigh Rampar (With Redline Stickers, which were already on the frame when it was given to me?) but not sure on what year it is etc, the serial number which is on the dropout is (2A0175) with a baseball symbol, if anybody knows any information about this frame it would be much appreciated, cheers...
  2. When I was 6 or 7 my mum bought me a new BMX. That bike and me went everywhere there was to go, it was my life. We were in a small (ish) town in South Australia, The bike was a Rampar R11XL and I spent the next 10 years on it! It went though many resprays, part replacements and all kinds of abuse over the years and then one day, after it had been in the shed for many years, a careless cleanup found my beloved bike make its way to the tip To say I was devastated when I had realised this occurred would be an understatement. I had lost a huge part of my life. Anyway, fast forward a bunch of years and I decide to recreate my good old bike. Not as it rolled of the showroom floor, but as it was when i had modified it to how i liked it, to when it was my personal Rampar. Frame powdered by Roberto, Repop Skyway's, DiaCompe 890's, Suntour seat clam, Suntour stem all re-annoed by Benny, NOS Takagi Cr-Mo 170mm cranks (rechromed due to some rust starting) NOS Suntour chainring and spider, Rechromed Rampar 400x forks, new custom decals from Del in the UK, repop kashi saddle, It's not to everyone's taste i'm sure, but that's not what it's about. So here it is
  3. Boxing day was my eldest's 12th birthday and his gift from us was a new bike. Well, it was actually an old bike, but you know what I mean. I placed a wanted add here on OZBMX for a Rampar frame and received a response from ONLYREDLINE who had an R10 and was happy for me to have it for postage only!! What a bloody legend. I also managed for find a set of NOS forks for it from Mr.BMX which were factory standard Rampar 400x's to match the frame. Frame was powdered "Signal Orange" by a local powder shop, wheels came from Benny at strike a shine, Custom coloured decals from Del in the UK and the rest came from "" To say he is happy is a massive understatement. here a few pics of the new addition to the stable. As it was when we started, how it is now and couple with some of the stable mates the red bike is a red devil, the green one a Madison MXR20, the yellow is a Raleigh Magnum and the blue is the younger Rampar, the R11XL Thanks again to the community that is OZBMX. Where it all started After powder Signal Orange The new owner building his ride Build complete The three amigos! Mado, Rampar and Red Devil The family, Raleigh Magnum, Rampar R11XL and Rampar R10
  4. looks a bit like a rampar, except for the teardrop hole in the gusset. the cotter pin cranks are weird too. anyone know what it is?
  5. I reckon this is a Raleigh Rampar. Maybe even a R11. It's serial E= Enid USA, O = October, 1 = 1981 Its cute, we left the Bobby Encinas stickers that were still good on it. Its part of its story. Amazing what is hiding under housepaint. Almost perfect chrome and really tidy sugino cranks and win stem. It would have been a spectacular looking bike when it was new, the frame was blue lacquer and the cranks and handlebars were gold lacquered. BEFORE AFTER Have to sort a seat and cable and pedals tomorrow. We swapped the bars for v bars because the others aren't the flashest. Used its original grips, and swapped the steel wheels for my blue ukais. Because I am pretty sure they come out with nice wheels on them. If you think you know what model it is, please tell me. I found it a bit hard to tell with them.