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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, My first post here, after joining today. Blown away by the amount of content there is on here. Long story short, I'm looking to do a build of an early 80's Moongoose as a gift for a good mate for his wedding. I am a COMPLETE novice in this regard - he's the BMX fan, but unfortunately as it is a gift I can't really ask him for advice. I'm eyeing off a Team Goose frame, which I'd like to use as the foundation for the build. However, beyond that I am completely in the dark. Would anyone have any advice as to where best to start to get my head around what I need to make this a good build. I'd like to keep it as authentic as possible, but I also don't have the budget or time to search for original parts for every single component. Anyway, I know this is a very vague post... somewhat of a 'how long is a piece of string' kind of question. Nonetheless, I'd appreciate any guidance at all so that I don't screw this up! Thanks heaps in advance! Mat
  2. This one has been kicking around the garage for sometime waiting to be cleaned up, rebuilt and set free. It had been treated pretty poorly in its previous life and been smacked around a fair bit. It had bent forks which needed to be replaced, a fair bit of rust to remove and new decals needed and a bunch of other parts to purchase. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of it before I started. Here it is with rust cleaned, new forks and decals applied. I have just started putting it back together and finishing a few other things that needed doing. My evenings this week have been spent re-painting the GT logo on a set of ACS GT Mags I bought with this bike. Not sure if the 99 Performer had an option with mags, and these are 97 stamped. No matter, they look awesome. I'll keep taking progress shots as I go. Someone might enjoy them. Thanks for looking Brenton
  3. Hi team, I have just started a restoration of my old 83 Hotfoot (just posted on Newbies here so check out the photo to see how good the old girl has held up) and I would love a little help on a few things. I want to get a few things ordered and in the mail while I am working on the rest of the bike, but I have come up against a question in relation to tyres. I am pretty sure the old 83's ran standard 20" tyres (the tyres on there are the originals and so perished I can't read any info on them), but what is the go with all the choices in relation to profile - everything from 1.75" to 2.20"? Will all of these fit on my original rims and is it just a matter of choice - or is there more to it? The second thing about DupliColor MetalCast. I was thinking about using it to respray my head bracket after I have stripped it, but not sure if it will look OK. Does anyone have any experience with it? Could I also use it to spray my rims after they have been cleaned up? Here is a pic of the head bracket. Thanks for all the help! Matt (Hotfoot 83 X-Gusset Hi-Ten)