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Found 2 results

  1. Tange Axeblade Frame and Tange TRX Fork Asking 1,375 AUD ($1000USD) SHIPPING US - $25 AUSTRALIA/WORLD-WIDE: 137AUD ($100USD) There are no cracks, OR hairline cracks. The chrome is in good to fair condition, but as you can see looks good in photos. I never liked to restore things. I noticed a very small ding under the top tube when photographing it. Never noticed before, it's maybe 2mm (see photo). There is some chrome peeling on the brake bridge and on rear dropouts. There are various scratches etc. See photos. This F/F appears quite a bit nicer than any axeblade that has sold recently... This is likely the first Axeblade ever made. Non-serialized, and found in California years ago. It's determined that this was likely owned by Carl Burris, who received the first Axeblade prototype when sponsored by Tange in the late 70's in California. He then sold it to a neighbor who then moved away. I then bought it from someone in California. There is what appears to be a scratched-out name on the bottom of the bottom bracket (see photo). It's possible the name said "Carl Burris..." You can make out what might be a letter "C" under the scratch marks. It's not a stolen frame, nor was there ever a serial number stamped on this.
  2. Hi to all OZBMX members. I have just signed up after coming across this great site the other night while researching for my Rhino III reno. Now I actually started this restoration of my Rhino III in 2003 which I purchased brand new from Ottron Cycles at St Agnes in 1982. The legend Peter Lowry worked there, he was a great bloke always helping out and having a chat...RIP Pete. The bike had been raided a number of times over the years for spare parts, I did not have any brakes that were whole and the cranks and DX pedals were missing, also I had no wheels or seat. So all I had that was original was the frame, forks, Headset less the Suntour locknut, Redline Head stem, Shimano DX Seat Post Now I am not sure if I did the right thing, but I powercoated the frame, forks and handle bars black. Put it back together with what bits I had left, and then got bits and pieces off some friends who raced up until a few years ago and who's kids probably raided the bike in the first place. Now I want to finish the bike off, not to show but to ride around with my kids at the track, might even take it out to Cross Keys. Would love some input on what to do, I think it looks good black. I have talked to Noel about getting some Decals for it. Would like to put tuffs on it, I originally had araya 7x for racing and blue tuffs for during the week. Thinking Blue White and Black Colour scheme. Blue Head stem Brakes Grips pedals and Tuffs or White Tuffs with Black tyres or Just Black Tuffs with Black Tyres - that way the only white would be in the stickers. One last thing - I always wanted Redline Flight Cranks, are the new ones on ebay from the US the same as the cranks from the eighties? Here are some pics (now remember I have just pulled it out of the shed pumped up the tyres and wiped of the dust - it has been in there for 8 years) any input would be appreciated. Regards, Brett. And here are a couple in its original state. (sorry the quality is not that good on some)