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Found 5 results

  1. I have 3 Mongoose bikes (Brawler 24, Motivator 20, Motivator 24 i think) all made around 2000 give or take a few years. I'm trying to find out how to read the serial numbers. First digits are: HAMI HAMJ HAMK Do you read the second, third or 4th letter as the year? Thanks all....
  2. I was given this frame many years ago and since then it has been sitting in a shed, i believe its a Raleigh Rampar (With Redline Stickers, which were already on the frame when it was given to me?) but not sure on what year it is etc, the serial number which is on the dropout is (2A0175) with a baseball symbol, if anybody knows any information about this frame it would be much appreciated, cheers...
  3. Hi, This is my first post other than my intro. Hoping to get some help identifying a frame based on its serial number - CIC9F0167 (located under BB). Appears to be a 80's vintage lightweight racing style frame. Normal brake-bridge, curved seat-stays and small triangle cut-out in drop-outs. Sorry no pics available at this stage.
  4. Please help with this Id as the numbers don't add up. The frame is full chrome moly and looks to be from the Haro family. That is about all we know.
  5. Hi all wounder if I could get a little help. A friend of a friend has a Diamondback which I have never seen and cant find on the net It looks like an early 80,s GT Performer but on the dropouts it has a small diamond punched out .. Serial number D 397070399. Has anyone seen or heard of this BD Many Thanks John