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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, pretty new to this site. I have a speedwell thruster, my knowledge is pretty crap about this particular bike. It is for sale if anyone is keen. The bike is in original condition. The serial number is TWE865783. I live in Perth Western Australia, please email me if interested Cheers
  2. Recently bought these two from Gumtree and had them shipped down to Adelaide to restore for my two boys. Just trying to work out what they are! According to the seller they were bought together for her step-sons in the early '80s but due to access they were never ridden and put straight into storage in the shed under tarps. All parts, pads and decals are 100% original as purchased bitd. The decals on both are "BMX Star" which I'm assuming came from the bike shop. The yellow one was for my eldests 9th birthday on Monday, we wanted to give him something old school and the budget didn't stretch to one of the PK Ripper reissues. Unfortunately the yellow seat was smashed in transit but I changed over to the blue seat, grips and tyres and had the headset powdercoated French Blue. The forks had a few too many scuffs to save the original paint so were done in the same yellow as the bars which is slightly paler than the rest of the bike. Otherwise everything is original and was stripped down, touched up, regreased and polished. The wheels were sandblasted by Keith at RRT engineering here in Adelaide, he did an awesome job and made up a tool on the laser cutter to mask the hubs and rotate the wheels to save any marking to the metal work and keep sand out. Once blasted they were scrubbed in hot soapy water and then saturated in WD40, wrapped in pallet wrap then put away. A few days later I unwrapped, wiped down, resaturated and wrapped them back up. After a week of soaking then drying they actually hold a bit of a satin gloss finish and look brand new. The blue one is up for restoration next, still have a couple of years before gifting that!. It's been cleaned and scrubbed thoroughly but it's picked up a bit too much surface rust through scratches to save the original paint, will have it powdercoated as close as possible to the original metallic blue. I'm keen on saving or copying the shop decals, they're a neat part of the history. The tuffs on this one are in better condition, one side where properly covered by the tarp in storage is like new, but the mildew has worked it's way in and they'll get the blast treatment. Apart from some light pitting on the inside of the front forks (Akisu) they're in great condition and have been polished up with aluminium foil and will go back on when it's done. In terms of ID, the yellow one has a "Speedwell" sticker on the head tube but it's been cut (I've seen it on a few racers) so I'm guessing non-original and misleading. I don't have the serial handy for this one. The blue one has all the Motomag details (coaster arm bracket) but pretty sure it's a copy with the welds, headset and Akisu forks. There's a serial on the bottom bracket reading K9127528.
  3. G'day all, Picked myself up a Sting Crmo frame a little while ago. As you know Speedwell and Malvern Star serials are almost impossible to date, but these Tange TRX forks (from the same frame) were sold separately. I'm wondering if anyone here on OZ bought the forks and would be happy to PM me the date code so that I can presume the frame is of similar vintage. Thanks for any help.
  4. Hi Everyone, Had this Speedwell Sting MKII frame and Tange TX-1200 Champion fork for many years, and now they've got to go. I bought these new as a complete bike and are unridden, though they have a few storage marks on them, also they have the original washer marks on the dropouts. The headset is a Tange MX 2, with the gold spacer/lock washer. Included are the original dropout washers also. Frame serial number 125539. Forgive me for the crummy photos. Not sure, but I think these frames were also used on the Supermax, so you could get a star and some stickers and Nicole will be jealous! I am after $260 for the lot, can post at buyers expense. I would prefer cash on pickup, but will take Paypal for an extra $10. I am located in western Sydney. Dibs + pm. Thanks Calvin.
  5. Hi guys, I've just found OZBMX! I'm really keen to rebuild a Speedwell Sting for by son who's 6yrs old. I owned (what I'm confident was) a Sting from the early 80's. See the attached pic of me on the bike, fresh off Santa's sleigh. Sorry the photos from about 1982 are pretty poor quality. I did the right thing (not necessarily for the bike!), rode if for a few years, dad and I resprayed it and handed down to my sister, resprayed it a few years later and handed down to a friend of the family.....30yrs later it's long gone, but I'd love to reproduce one for my son to grow up on. From the pic you can see the speedwell decal, Tange forks. I've been searching online and it looks like the '81 style frame (top tube and bottom tube are 'socketted' to the neck??). It does not have the small gusset/flange that the '83 frame seems to have. I can't read the pads, but could they say Shimano? I've attached another pic (borrowed from the WWW ) to try and indicate what I mean by 'socketted', I'm sure there's a better term for it ! I'd appreciate if any one can positively confirm the model/year, etc of my bike. And would be very keed to talk with anyone who's got a frame or full bike they be willing to sell, for a good cause
  6. Hey everyone, hows things in ure part of Oz? Hopefully not too affected by the wild summer weather n fires! Stay safe if you are! Its been great to have discovered this site, seems like a great community of people with a rad interest! And great to see good info and pics about Australian specific BMX's, that are largely ignored by international sites. My first real new bike when I was a kid was a smokin hot, SuperMax 2........ Deep Candy Red frame with all gold annodised parts, gold Araya Rims and hubs, had it for years, painted it many colours (dad was a spray painter)..... sold it way too cheap, loaded with cool parts, when I was 19, licensed with a car and partying instead of riding Got into downhill mountain biking later though and have done up several bikes over time.... mountain bikes and dragsters mainly. Anyhoo, as time has gone on, I have ended up with a complete barnfind style, Malvern Star MX1 Dragster style BMX (black with decals), and a second complete one in parts. It is cool as, I've actually taken the BMX style bars off and put ape hangers on it for that Dragster look, but still have the original bars and pads safe! The rims are steel Arayas! V/cool! And my other pride n joy is one of my all time best Op shop scores!!... A sweet as, original condition Speedwell, Sting Mk1 complete!! Unmolested! for only $10. Its yellow with original decals and even the store sticker of the place that sold it, with yellow Skyway tuffs, Tange forks (with decals), original parts and foot brakes. It has one original pad, vinyl with clips, and one 1984 upgrade nylon with velco. It was so hard to keep a straight face when the guy at the Op shop told me $10, I was so ready to pay more for it! I'll get off my butt and take some pics... I aim to track down a frame, forks n parts to rebuild my original Malvern Star SuperMax 2 ..... will keep ya'll posted. cheers from the Deep North Wally
  7. if someone can help me i would appreciate it, is there a web site to find out all the speedwell old school bmx models ever made. reason is ive got an old school frame and forks with a mongoose style gusset and speedwell decals on it called a pro iv i will get some pics up asap.anyone heard or seen one of these.cheers jeff