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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I have a TNT frame here, probably better for local pick up this one, but can assist if it don't involve too much running around. I know there is a stem somewhere here for it too and maybe other stuff. Good project for someone. I just want to keep the pedals.
  2. Over the winter I have been working on 2 builds, one is a first gen Challenger, and the other has been this TNT Hwa Fong Daddy. Ive always loved the way HFD's looked, and also liked the fact they were good all round bikes that could be raced, jumped, or even used for street / park. I managed to pics this F+F up off a UK forum, and have been slowly working on the build. When the F+F first arrived it had been wet painted in a metallic black. The finish was horrible and the bike also had a few minor dents in the chainstays (like most mid bikes do haha). How the F+F arrived. The dents in the chainstay after I stripped it back. I sent the frame off to have the chainstay repaired and this is what the handy worked looked like. I was really pleased that it cleaned up so well, and sent it off to get painted TNT yellow. While the bike was off getting painted I started digging out all the parts I had been putting aside for it. I also managed to get a nice set of TNT jumping bars for it from the USA. I have this thing about having matching F+F and bars on my bikes so was really pleased to get hold of these. 2 Weeks later I got a message from the painters with this pic. needless to say I couldn't wait to get it back after seeing that haha. Frame back at home with fresh decals on. And finally a few better pics of how it currently stands. I am just waiting on a few more bits and I should be able to finish it off. Will update the thread as I go along.